Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Recap: News

Happy Monday, friends! This weekend has been a busy one.

Friday was a super busy day.  Andrew went into work a bit earlier than normal since he was taking most of the day off.  I had my six week post partum appointment and since my doctor is an hour away and Gabe hates his car seat (at least that is what we think based on our trips with him thus far) Andrew was going to keep all three boys at home.  So. Much. Simpler.

When I got home, Andrew tagged me in and he was off to the deer stand.  Bow season has officially begun and he was eager to get out there.  None of the boys seemed to want a nap that afternoon but Hudson and Beau played together really well (for like the first time that week!) while I felt like I was having a nursing marathon.

After dinner and baths (I'll spare you the details because it got a little hairy there) my mom showed up.  She came into town to help us with our weekend project.

Which leads me to our weekend project.  But first...

As I was catching up on blog reading, I read a lot of posts regarding why bloggers had started their blogs.  I recall why I started this blog.  I even re-read my first post.  We were moving.  Not across the world but two hours away and at the time that seemed like an enormous move for our little family of four.  It incorporated HUGE changes for both Andrew and I as he took a new job and my career path changed drastically.  And for our boys, who had always had a working mom, now had a working from home mom. With all this change I wanted a way to stay connected.  I wanted a way to document this time in our family's life.  I wanted to share what we had going on.  I wanted to look back 10, 20 years from then and be able to read about our life, for our kids to have a common place with memories and photos.

Now, a little more than a year since we moved away, we are moving home.  Our big project this weekend was packing.  We packed up a majority of our house.  I still can't believe that we will be back home in just a month. And I can't wait to share the story of how all of this happened with you all because it is truly is something God orchestrated.

I am sure someone, somewhere is reading this thinking, "You were only there a year.  You moved for his job.  So why the heck are you moving home? Couldn't you have saved yourself a lot of hassle if you just would stay or not have moved at all?"

What I know is this.  When I read that first post, I still know with 100% certainty that God opened the door for Andrew to take this job.  I know that we were supposed to move here.  I know this because in the last year, we have changed.  Andrew and I have changed in ways that would not have happened if we wouldn't have moved.  We have grown up.  We have learned to lean on each other as husband and wife first.  We learned to talk through issues, big and small.  We learned the preciousness of our little family; just the four (now five) of us and how to do life together.  We grew in our faith.  We learned how to trust God with situations that normally would have caused a lot of worry.  And God showed us what it was like to be blessed because of our belief in His faithfulness.  Andrew became a better husband and father.  I became a better wife and mother. I'm not saying any of this to pat us on the back.  It is simply me saying that God brought us here to teach us, grow us, stretch us.

So why move back? There are things we miss.  Things we want for our kids.  Things we want for ourselves. Things that just aren't as readily available in such a small town.  So we prayed about it.  We prayed about the timing and if we were supposed to move back.  And God answered.

I can't wait to share with you all how He answered.

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