Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites {1-27-17}

I am so excited to see this Friday finally here! It has been a busy week made busier with Andrew being gone all week and tonight is date night (WAHOO!) so it is just going to be a great day!

Bonus favorite: My kids reactions when Daddy gets home. 

 Here's a peek at what I am loving right now.

{O N E}
I have heard that mauve nails are all the rage right now but I am just really a fan. Mauve is just not a color that screams, "Put me on your nails!" What color is screaming that at me right now? GRAY! It is light and neutral and just looks so good! Essie has some awesome shades of gray too!

{T W O}
We had a bedroom redo that we wrapped this week and there were SO MANY things I love that we got to incorporate into her space. A favorite was this great bedding from IKEA. The pattern is subtle. The fabric is super soft. And the button detail is so perfect! The price point for this bedding is a steal for the quality too!! 

This stock photo does not do it justice but I'll have to wait until after the room reveal to share more. 

{T H R E E}
Kindergarten is a favorite most weeks around here because I just love seeing how much Hudson is growing in what he is learning. He is a really bright kid and is naturally inquisitive and drawn to learning. Since the beginning of the year he has been a "brave" speller sounding out words and now he is reading everything. 

This week I got a big kick out of a paper he brought home. Last week was another crazy week schedule wise so for the first time, my kids had cereal for dinner. I made it a real treat buying kinds I never buy and letting them have at it! Clearly it made an impact on Hudson! 

Five Captain Crunch <3 

{F O U R}
A friend has been doing Whole 30 and sharing some yummy recipes. I NEED to get myself on a better nutrition plan since the holidays and have been doing OK buuuutt, still allow for indulgences whenever I feel like it. So this week I sat and planned for the whole 30 days and am on Day 3 today. I am excited to challenge myself, try some new recipes and hopefully feel great (and shed a few pesky pounds!!). Anyone a Whole 30 graduate? 

{F I V E}
I have been doing my best to really stay on track with our budget. We have big goals this year as we want to get rid of debt, do some major renovations to the house and of course, foster to adopt. However, there is the CUTEST little boutique in town who gets new items weekly (if not more often) and when I was on the site this week, I saw they still had this top in my size and just felt like...meant to be! 

There items are always the best and the variety of styles is always awesome.

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That's it for today! It's date night tonight, a hair appointment tomorrow {PTL!} and my Mother/Son event at Hudson's school tomorrow night. Should be a great weekend! 

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  1. Those nail colors are screaming at me!! I don't think I have any of those shades and I'm going to get them ASAP! Great find!

    1. Thanks! :) Let me know which one is your favorite!

  2. I did the Whole30 along with adding some more strings to it last May and wow did that really help me reset my system and helped me drop the pounds that I wasn't able to get off just from running and weight training. I do believe I'm going to do Whole30 for February (is that cheating...28 day month) and then revert back to sugar free for Lent. Loving your bedding set from Ikea. We are always doing home projects here but the closest Ikea is an hour away. Caption Crunch is da bomb - your son is on to something! I used to teach and I cannot tell you how many days I nearly fell out from laughter on what the kiddos would write. Date night - wooo hoo! We're working on eliminating as much debt as possible right now too - we are on a four month no spend. I feel ya girl! Too bad we aren't neighbors we could be supports! Have a terrific weekend! - Amanda

    1. Really? What did you add to it? Last May I did a 21 day vegan reset which was HARD and I got results but just so out of line with something that I could keep up with! And there was limited exercise because it was so restrictive dietary so boo!

      Our Ikea is far too! Like 2 hours. Fortunately, my husband has business that way so was able to pick up what we needed! I so agree! Maybe virtual support!? :)

  3. I'm so jealous that you have an Ikea. I'm in Nashville and the closest one to us is Memphis (and I'm not even sure it's open yet--if so, it's brand new). They have some of the coolest stuff!

    1. It isn't close...about 2 hours. But there stuff is awesome. Totally worth the trip if you have some items to get (shipping from there is insane!!)

  4. Yay for a date night! I hope you guys had fun!! That sweater is gorgeous and once in a while it's ok to treat yourself, but I am the same way, always trying so hard to stay on budget then seeing something I want to impulse buy, ugh!


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