Thursday, September 5, 2013


I don't even know how to start this. My emotions are such a jumbled mess right now that my head hurts.  I just got home from dinner with three of my very closest friends. I have seen the abbreviation MNO (Mom's Night Out) in my phone so many times marking the dates that the four of us leave our tribes and venture out for dinner, drinks, crafting- WHATEVER - and soak up one another's company for a few, short hours. 

Last week when I found out our closing date from Andrew, my friends hastily planned a MNO before our move; not as a good-bye, but a "let's get some dates on the calendar so we can see you soon!" (See- thoughtful. Now you want to be a part of MNO.) So we met tonight at one of our favorite spots, Coney McKane's.  It is such a small venue that it always feels intimate. It reminds me of the Central Perk off of Friends, not so much for it's New York theme decor, but more of just how we have our spot; we know the people who work there; we usually get the same thing. It's familiar. 

One of the best part of our night's out is the fact that as soon as we all get seated, the gab and gossip begin and the laughing, side holding, story swapping doesn't stop until the place closes down or we are summoned home for relief.  

Tonight was no different.  These women are such a part of my life. Bond reminded us this week as we were throwing out when to get together that our MNO only started about 2 1/2 years ago.  (I am pretty sure Hudson was just a baby when these started so that math makes sense.)  Two and a half years ago we were all mommies, Teran and Bond's little guys just about a year, Jenny with two and one on the way, and me with sweet Hudson.  We were working, being wives and mothers, tired, and all with so much in common.  We decided once a month to take a night and do something together.  After that first night, I knew that God had ordained these relationships to be.  

These women have been with me through thick and thin.  They were there with me during my best and worst moments and I with them.  It is so hard to imagine not being able to stop by Jenny's to check out a project on her house on a whim; to plan a play date at the park with Bond after school; or to head to Teran's to hold a baby when her raps and dance moves aren't working! 

One of my biggest fears about moving is not finding friends.  I don't want to replace these ladies; heavens, no! Having friendships like these is rare and I know they aren't a dime a dozen. But I know that I will need relationships in our new town and I worry that they won't be there. Even worse than that, is the fear of losing these sweet friends.  I know life is only going to be more hectic and our schedules will fill up even more than they are already.  My hope and my prayer is that God will continue to bless these friendships.  

Soooo, no more tears.  I am thankful for these friends, and for the hope of new ones. And I will trust that God has already worked out everything better than I could have imagined.


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  1. It's hard having your closest girl friends so far away. It creates times of loneliness…but can allow for the sweetest time of fellowship when together! You will survive this and thrive at it. It won't be an easy road…but one you will walk well relying on Christ to walk you through it (or carry you, when you dont think you can take another step!).

    Love you…Rachel


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