Friday, July 18, 2014

We're Off!

Another weekend in July and this family is packing up and hitting the road..again!

The weekend of the fourth {which I have yet to blog about} we were out of town. Last weekend we were home for our photos. And today we are heading out for a mini vacation with Andrew's side of the family.  We are hitting up Branson, MO.  We have some plans but if anyone out there has some things they just LOVE to do in Branson-- send them my way! Totally open to ideas!

I don't know about you but I love little get-aways. I've also seem to realized that before our get-aways, I have quite the routine.

Empty Hampers
Before we leave, I like to have all the laundry done. I will even do a small load if need be just so all my baskets are empty.  My theory behind this is that we always will bring home some dirty laundry.  Even if our condo or where we are staying has a washer and dryer, there will be some dirty laundry.  Who wants to come home with a ton of dirty laundry from vacation on top of the dirty laundry that has sat in your laundry baskets while you were gone. Not this girl.  I just get it done.

Empty Dishwasher
This philosophy is simple.  Do you really want your dirty dishes, no matter how well you rinsed before loading them, sitting the dark, dank dishwasher the entire time you are gone.  No? Me either.  We always run in the night before and empty it in the morning.  We do that and then have a super simple breakfast and hand wash everything before leaving.

Clean sweep
As I pack a room, I like to do a clean sweep of the room.  Wipe down the bathroom counters and floor, vacuum the living room, pick up stray toys, socks, etc.  That scene from Home Alone of that family just trying to get out the door in panic mode, and then Kevin wakes up and the kitchen is spotless--not reality. I do not want to be packing and throwing things together and then walk in after a nice relaxing trip to a train wreck.  Not good for this clean(ish)-freak mama. ;)

New Books
I love to read in the car, by the pool, at night after the boys go to bed.  I just love reading but feel like reading on vacation is just a must.  Before we go I always download 2-3 new books to have in addition to the ones I am currently reading.  I don't always stay up on the latest released because, I mean, let's be real, I don't have time for that, but I do try to vary the authors even though I have my favorite go-to's.

I haven't done it as much this summer because it seems like all the trips back home this past holiday season and spring have made me quite the packer (I literally packed my boys and myself for 5 days in about 15 minutes) but usually, I pack from a list.  I write out all the things the boys will need, I will need, toiletries, snacks, etc.  I do this about a week or two before said trip so I can add to the list as I think of other items I missed the first go around.  Then I use this list to pack and check off the items as they are packed.  It sure helps me remember the little things, especially if the trip is going to be more specific where some key items would be needed versus a little weekend away.

I'd like to say I get a trip to the salon before our trips but that doesn't always happen.  Irregardless I always like to have freshly painted toes and nails.  I have no idea why but I do! I just love it!! Especially in summer time!

What about you? Are there any pre-trip rituals or routines? I'd love to hear them! Happy Friday and happy weekend friends!

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