Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another family weekend

Last weekend was another weekend spent with family, only this time, it was MY side of the family! My brothers' families and I are a bit spread out {not super far, and possibly going to farther} so we don't always ALL get together as much as we would like.  We pass through Springfield on our way back to Decatur for visits and on that drive we always pass a local outdoor water park.  Hudson ALWAYS comments and asks if we are going there.

Well, this past weekend, we did just that.  My parents, both my brothers and their families and our brood met in Springfield to make a full day (and a night) together.

This trip was really nice because, 1)it was only an hour drive and 2)we were just staying one night.  After several long weekends I could pack up this family for one night in about 10 minutes. ;)

We met at the park as soon as it opened and the boys wasted no time getting wet.  And by boys, I mean my my husband and  younger brother.  They (and J's wife Tori) took advantage of the fact that my older brother and his family hadn't arrived and the fact that it wasn't too crowded and went down some "big kid" slides.  Beau and Hudson wondered right over to a children's area and got in!

Not too soon after, Zach, Rachel and their boys arrived.  You may recall here where I talked about how close in age my nephews and boys are. Hudson and Graham are only 4 months apart.  Beau and Emmett are 6 months apart.  Yes, between both sides there are three 3-year olds and three 1(ish) year olds.  {And no, none of it was planned.}

Graham is a boy after Hudson's heart because he too was a fish in the water.  Totally fearless!! They rode slides, swam around, and got completely soaked!! Beau and Emmett loved the water too!!

Outside of the water park are some rides, a putt-putt area, driving range, and picnic area.  My parents brought all the makings of some yummy lunch so we took a break from swimming for lunch.  Four hungry boys never waited so patiently! 
Do Emmett and Beau not look like twins? I can not believe how blonde they both are!! 

Bless their hearts! I hope they are always close and can encourage one another as they get older to be the men God created them to be!! 


After lunch we continued the slides, pools, and waves for about another three hours! Just as everyone was getting tired, it became really cloudy.  Then a huge clap of thunder cleared the pools.  It worked out that we had the whole day there with perfect weather.  It only started to rain after we were loaded in the cars! 

Since it was a bit of a drive (Jay and Tori live in the suburbs up north) we opted to make a whole day and night of it.  We checked into our hotel and everyone cleaned up before heading off to dinner.  Bless my dad (or whoever it was) that called ahead.  Because when I walked in and said 10 and two high chairs the poor hostess' eyes got rather large until she realized we had called ahead.  {Could you imagine two parties that large coming in at the same time?} 

The original plan was to have dinner, change into pjs and head to the drive in once it got dark.  But with the rain we made a Plan B and went to the theater to see a movie instead.  Planes:Fire and Rescue if you must know! ;)

What's a movie without popcorn and peanut M&Ms?

Don't let Beau's face fool you. Dude was out before it was half over.  Emmett held strong though! 

The movie was pretty cute {I am actually not a fan of the Cars/Planes movies but eh..) and both our boys were zonked as we headed back to the hotel.  So tired they slept in until 8 the next morning.  We were in bed by 9:15 people! PTL for hotel black out curtains, amen?!!!

We all had breakfast together the next morning before heading back home! 

{Had to get Papa in one of the shots!}

It was such a fun little visit even though it was short.  I am so so thankful for our family, close cousins, and memories being built! That night my SIL, Rachel, reminded us that the next time we'd be together we'd be a crew of 13! It is amazing to see how God has grown our family.  

Picture overload courtesy of Gammy.  It's much easier to actually capture memories and moments when there are extra adults, one of whom is always toting a camera. ;) 

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  1. Sounds like the perfect overnight trip! Thankful the weather held out during the day -- the water park looks like fun!


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