Friday, August 1, 2014

Oh Hey Friday! (and August!)

Cheers to another Friday!  Cheers to August!! {Seriously, August?? Already??!) Cheers to me actually getting some blogging done this week! ;)

Yesterday I went with a friend for dinner and a pedi! I so do not know why I don't do that more often because it was HEAVEN! I just love that little bit of pampering.  The feel good lasts well into my next days and weeks.  I think my husband should take note of that good mood and schedule some time for mama more often! ;)

Do you adore this as much as I do? We had family photos taken a few weeks ago by my dear and oh-so-talented friend.  I knew that I wanted to place photos rather than hang them and I was also dying to have a place to change out seasonal decor.  I've been wanting a rustic beam for awhile and we have this huge wall in our eat-in kitchen area that was begging for some attention.  Well, hubby built one.  We got the original idea and tutorial here and just tweaked the general idea to make it fit our needs and purpose.  I think it is not bad for a whopping $16!

I am BEYOND thankful for my latest workout routine.  I started four weeks ago and just know that there is nothing else my body would want to be doing this close to baby (-3weeks and counting).  I have stayed loose; my body feels stronger, and I have just felt more energized.  Pregnant or not, I highly recommend checking out this program! If you have questions, I would love to chat with you about it! It has been my saving grace during this last trimester that has typically left me moody, sore, and exhausted in past pregnancies!

This week, since baby time is getting close, I have been prepping some freezer meals.  I would love to do a few more but am running out of ideas! I keep my family's diet pretty clean.  We don't eat a lot of processed foods. I like simple and quick! So- if you have any ideas for quick, healthy meals that I will be able to freeze or whip up after baby's arrival, I would LOVE to hear them!! 

Mid-read my Kindle pooped out on me this week! {Terrible, right??} It is years old and has been many a place.  I am planning on replacing it soon {I can't just be in the middle of a book!} but I am trying to decide between the latest e-ink version or the Kindle Fire.  I could care less about it being in color and I really just loved my kindle for reading but didn't know if anyone had a preference or a strong reasoning on one over the other.

I guess I am asking for lots of opinions and suggestions this week! HA! I hope you have a great weekend!! 


  1. $16??!! i bought something similar from p. barn for like...over $60. kicking myself! and i'm definitely going to look into the piyo! thanks for linking up gal!

    1. Yes! It was such a bargain and pretty easy (according to my hubby!) And if you have any questions about PiYo let me know!! :)

  2. Ahhh, only 3 more weeks?! You are so close now! Love the new picture mantle and I agree, there's nothing a good mani/pedi can't fix :)

    1. Yes! Definitely close! And thank you! :)


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