Monday, August 25, 2014

And then there was Gabe

What a weekend it was! I sit here typing and can hardly believe that we are the parents of three boys! I am already so in love with Gabe; I couldn't picture our family without him.

Friday morning began early for us.  It was the morning of our scheduled cesarean. I was so restless the whole night before.  I'm not sure I could have slept no matter how much I wanted to.  Needless to say, when our alarm went off at 3:30 am it was quite early.  Andrew loaded the car and off to Springfield we went.  Poor, Andrew.  I think my nerves were starting to kick in because I wanted to talk and he was  just  trying to stay awake to drive us there.

We got checked-in and all set up in our room.  Our nurses that prepared us were wonderful.  The morning felt calm. You are to arrive two hours before your section which gave Andrew and I a lot of time to chat and just talk about Gabe's arrival.  I was nervous a bit because I don't like to have a lot of time to wait around, especially for something like surgery but the time passed quickly and before I knew it I was being wheeled away.

Last pregnancy shot

I can't say enough how grateful I am for the people that were in the room with us.  My doctor is fantastic and had a partnering doctor with her, who I adored immediately.  My nurse anesthetists were  both so sweet and kind.  There was just truly a sense of calm and peace in the room. I did get teary-eyed after my spinal but Andrew came in and the reality that our guy was going to be here set it.

There is nothing like hearing your baby's first cry.  And Gabe, cry you did! Your cry was so loud and strong and it continued the entire time they cleaned you up.  It didn't stop until you were put in your daddy's arm and sat next to me.  You were so beautiful.  I couldn't decide who you looked like; you were already your own person.  I couldn't believe how small you were, such a peanut compared to your brothers.  Andrew and I both, along with the nurses, commented on how long your fingers were.  You were perfect.  Fearfully and wonderfully made indeed, sweet boy!

6 pounds 12.5 ounces. 20 inches long

Back in our room, as I was holding Gabe and Andrew and I were talking I couldn't get over how beautiful he was.  What I loved about this experience was the baby stayed with me the whole time. During my past sections, the baby was always taken away to be cleaned and bathed. He was in the OR getting cleaned up and had his bath right in the recovery room so I could see.  I loved that so much! 

We had a bit of scare during recovery.  I began to lose some blood (now we know it was more than "some").  Yet, the nurses and doctor never made me feel concerned.  I thank God so much for those women who were so calm and reassuring.  I passed the Gabe to Andrew, who sat down and never showed it if we was scared or nervous.  Fortunately, they got the bleeding to stop pretty quickly.  There was a discussion of a transfusion, but we left without having to get one! 

All day I was poked and checked and Gabe was perfect.  Snuggling us, sleeping, nursing like a champ! Andrew and I spent most of that day trying to decide who he looked like, pulling up pictures of Beau and Hudson, looking through the ones we had taken.  We decided Gabe is definitely a mix of our boys while being 100% himself.  Completely handsome. We called our boys and sent them pictures.  They were so excited and couldn't wait to meet him.  We spent the other part of our day discussing what kind of sushi we were going to order that night.  {Yes--we ordered in sushi less than 12 hours post-op and our whole ordeal. I felt I deserved it.  And it was fantastic!}

We were moved to the room that became our home for the rest of the weekend just as Andrew's grandparents and parents arrived.  By this time I was starting to feel tired.  They stayed and chatted for awhile, held our sweet boy but then headed home after an hour or so.  

My dad came by later that evening as well. He was so excited to meet Gabe.  One thing I love about my dad is that he wears his emotions.  No shame.  He is such a strong man of God.  He asked about the delivery and our day.  I still was having nurses come in to take my blood (checking my hemoglobin and platelets since my earlier loss).  I had to get a new IV.  At one point during all of this, I saw my dad, holding his newest grandson, head bent in prayer as the nurses were starting my IV. I thought, "I hope Andrew and I can raise our boys to have faith like that." 

End of day 1.  Exhausted but so grateful.

Gabe was up lots during the first night.  I think he finally fell into a deep sleep around 3:30.  The next morning came early but this mama was so excited because they were finally letting me shower! Andrew commented about three times that the shower was a miracle.  I seriously came out a new woman.  Even after only a few hours of sleep in over 24 hours.  We were beyond excited because our bigs were coming that day! I could not wait to have our whole family together.  

Andrew looks like a new man after his large coffee!

My grandparents were our first visitors on Saturday.  It was nice to chat with them, sip my Starbucks and revel in the company of our new boy.  Late morning, Andrew went to meet my mom and help her bring the boys up.  I don't think I have ever had my heart more full than when they walked in.  Their faces were so sweet; lit up.  They walked over so quiet and careful and just patted and kissed on Gabe.

We ended up having them eat lunch in our room.  They got to open their brother presents "from Gabe" and were so excited.  They kept trying to share with Gabe and we kept having to explain that he was too little.    

Our visitors continued after they left.  Gabe's Aunt Jaci came by with Andrew's mom.  They stayed for a bit but then it was the napping hours.  We took full advantage of that quiet time and the three of us took a little siesta.  

That evening two of my closest friends came by.  I can not begin to tell you how hard I was laughing during our visit.  When you have friends who love you like family and love your kids like their own, it is such a blessing.  Andrew got to sit in our mommy convo and it was no holds bar.  We were all laughing so hard {no easy task with that incision} but it was so good for my heart.  

We woke up Sunday after a really good night.  Gabe seemed to be getting better at sleeping longer stretches {at least for one night} and I felt really good.  We were hopeful that we were going to get to go home Sunday even though my levels were still low.  Our morning passed quickly with our final visitors, my brother, Zach, and his family. My nephews were so sweet.  Emmett really just wanted to check the room out but Graham had to have his peeks at "baby Gabe."  I really am so thankful for all the people that came to love on us and our new little guy.  

Early afternoon we got the news that I was being discharged.  Sweet Gabe was discharged earlier that morning, just waiting on his mama! We had all our stuff ready to go and our nurse, who we had with us each day since we moved rooms, had our paperwork ready, knowing how much we wanted to get home.  She was such a doll! 

Coming home never felt so good! The boys were waiting with my mom outside with balloons and signs they had made.  They had baked a cake and set the table for Gabe's homecoming! The first ten minutes home were utter chaos as Gabe wanted to eat, Beau wanted to hold him and Hudson was just so excited, he kept throwing a balloon! I was peed on, cried on and a tad overwhelmed.  But it quieted down and felt completely normal.  

I still can't believe we are an official family of FIVE! My heart is so full it could bust.  I am so beyond thankful to have our sweet little Gabe here.  More pictures to come for another {less lengthy} post! 


  1. So, so happy for you Bekah! Congratulations on your sweet boy. He is perfect. I'm so glad that everything turned out well, even after a bit of a scare. You already look amazing after just having your 3rd baby. I hope you're getting enough sleep! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Tiffany! Sleep is scarce but this too shall pass right?? ;)

  2. Congratulations!!!! You have such a beautiful family and Gabe is the perfect addition :) So glad everything went well and everyone is happy and healthy!


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