Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh hey, Friday I'm having a baby in 2 weeks!

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So, I am having a baby in two weeks (or less!) I mean, where did these last 10 months go? Yes- 10! I don't know why everyone talks about pregnancy being 9 months but there are 40 weeks! F-O-R-T-Y! Don't be as naive as I was the first go around! Since we are in the home stretch, I am dedicating this week to all things baby prep! Enjoy!

O N E {Meal Prep}
I did not do this with the first baby but a wise friend told me when we were pregnant with Beau that she wished she would have prepped and froze a few meals.  Well I did that with Beau and was so glad I did.  Andrew and I were actually very fortunate because we received some meals during  my maternity leave and then a dear family friend brought us a meal the week I returned to work {let's just pause and reflect on the genius of that idea. Isn't going back to work hard enough without trying to pick up that sweet baby and think about coming home to prepare a dinner?? GENIUS} Anyway, those freezer meals saved me when I went back to work with Beau.  For the first month, I had 1-2 nights of dinner already taken care of and that just eased my mind so much.  I work from home now but Hudson is starting preschool, we are hours from friends and family and take-out in our little town is pretty non-existent.  These meals are going to be my saving grace.  I just know it. 

T W O {Deep Clean}
I am a typically clean person.  Oh alright, I borderline OCD when it comes to keeping my home clean but to be fair I have toned it down since becoming a mother.  Nevertheless, I always like to give my house an extra good scrub before the baby.  This past weekend my mother came over and we moved furniture so we could clean under, shampooed the carpet, wiped baseboards and doors, hand mopped our hard floor surfaces, did the windows/blinds, etc.  I know I will still have my weekly cleans but it just feels better to get all the dust bunnies and grit and grime that can accumulate cleaned up! 

T H R E E {Baby's Laundry}
I have been buying some new and sorting through some hand me downs of the boys' that will work for our newest little guy for some time.  Along with clothing, there is bedding, burp clothes, swaddlers and just lots of laundry for such a tiny little person.  I generally do some of the washing of baby's things when setting up the nursery.  But as we get closer to D-day, I usually do a load of clothes and blankets I will take to the hospital as well as some items I know I will be using those first weeks at home.  I make  my own laundry detergent and use it on my boys' clothes fine. But, I was gifted some Dreft and I was not about to let that sweet nectar go to waste.  The smell of Dreft on freshly-laundered clothes might be the way heaven smells. "imjustsaying

F O U R {The Pump}
If you are working mom, or maybe even if you aren't, a good bump is your b(r)east friend.  I was only able to nurse as long as I did with both my boys because I had a good pump to get me through work until summer vacation.  Although I will be home with baby this time around, I still wanted to get  my pump all clean and ready. I sterilized all the parts. You never know if you will have a baby that doesn't latch, an overabundant supply, or just want a break to shower and let someone else handle a feeding.  I have the Medela Pump Style Backpack and love it! It is worth every penny but I know you can rent them from a doctor's office too!
F I V E {Date Night}
One of the biggest changes of your life is about to take place and even though it is a blessing, the change is HUGE nonetheless.  My husband and I always get a night away just the two of us before baby's arrival. This time my parents are keeping both boys for a day and an overnight.  I don't know what Andrew and I will do but even if it is just sleep in and relax we are going to enjoy it.  Sleeping in {if you can even call the occasional 7:30 wake up time sleeping in} is going to be a thing of the past so even the simplest indulgence is welcome. 

Any other mommies have some tips? Things you do to prep for baby?? I'd love to hear! :) Next week, I'll be posting about what I pack in my hospital bag so stay tuned!

Happy weekend!


  1. Wow! 2 weeks! That's so crazy! Good luck getting everything prepared!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you! I feel like we are there! I think you hit a point you can only really prepare so much! Enjoy your weekend too!

  2. Ahhh you are so close now!! Freezer meals seem like the most genius thing. Sometimes I can't even think about cooking... and I have no babies! :) Hope you've had a great weekend!

    1. They are a life saver--kid or no kid! ;)

  3. Yay so close Bekah!!! How was your time alone with the hubby?!


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