Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What's in my hospital bag?

Being that we spent all of July away, I just got around to packing  my hospital bag.  And to be honest, even though this going to be our third delivery, I kind of forgot what to take! Ha!

I do know I way over-packed for my first and scaled it WAY back this time.  So, in no particular order, here are MY hospital bag essentials. If you are someone who went into labor or doesn't have a scheduled section, you may want to take something to pass the time or your list could be different all together.  These are just  my personal picks.

{O N E}
Comfy clothes.  I have had two c-sections so will be having one this go round.  Anything with a tighter band is not my friend.  It lays across the incision and is terribly uncomfortable and painful.  My friends gifted me with some really loose and comfy PJ capris and a tee.  I tossed in some comfy (and cute) PJ shorts, extra tees and tanks, my robe, and some really big underwear.  I usually buy some non-sexy, cheap underwear to toss because, well, you've just had a major surgery and you just won't want those things around. I also recommend bringing a robe and a going home outfit for yourself.

{ T W O}
Toiletries.  Nothing was more amazing (and again, a little painful) than my shower hospital.  But I loved every 4 minutes that I could bare it last time. (Seriously, I kid. I have never thought cesarean recovery was all that bad. Just my personal experience.) I like having my bad ready so I bought a travel size of all the toiletries I would need, disposable razors, extra loofah, shower shoes, etc.  It just makes things easier and if I want to pitch it, that is one less thing to take home. (You have flowers and gifts and oh, that new baby to cart home anyway!) I also take my make-up.  I do.  Don't care.  ***Make sure of your toiletries you include lotion and chap stick.  Hospitals tend to be very dry.***

{T H R E E}
Camera and charger.  You aren't allowed to video during a section but we {Andrew} sure do flash away the pictures as soon as our guys arrive.  I love to relive those moments through the photos taken and to capture shots those first few days we are in the hospital.  So definitely pack it.  Nurses are also amazing at snapping your first shots with your new addition.

{F O U R}
Abdominal binder.  I did not know I was going to have a section with Hudson.  We actually labored for about 18 hours before his section.  Before he was born I had been reading up on abdominal binders, or belly bands, for women after birth to help their uterus get back to normal quicker, to relieve pressure as your body reshapes, etc.  It sounded amazing.  Well, one c-section later, I thought my purchase was a waste.  I asked my doctor at the time about using it (one day post-op) and he saw no problem.  That little wrap became my best friend.  I feel like it was even more beneficial since I had c-section.  It gave my back support, put pressure on the incision in the right way (like holding a pillow to your stomach but constant) and helped the incision area not be pulled as my body was "reshaping" (we'll just word it like that so it doesn't sound so gross). I used it again after Beau and am definitely using it after G arrives. I bought the Belly Bandit.  It is ok.  There are other ones out there that have better reviews.  Many hospitals also provide them upon request and can bill your insurance company.  Just ask and shop around.

{F I V E}
Items for baby.  This is where I completely OVER-PACKED with Hudson.  The hospital gives you diapers, wipes, ointments (if your little guy needs any). Really anything and everything the baby needs.  Use it! You are going to get billed for it anyway! No need to pack a ton of your own.  The only items I pack for baby now are some onesies, outfits, blankets and his lovie.  There is just no need for tons of extras and again, you seriously feel like you are leaving with a ton more than you came with anyway so no need to add to that feeling.

{S I X}
Proof of insurance and ID.  You probably already have this in your purse but I put mine in my handy little wallet, zipper pouch, whatever you want to call it because again, I do not want to haul my purse, hospital bag and pregnant belly in nor do I want to haul all that plus new baby out.  No thanks. I'll keep it simple.

{S E V E N}
Big brother gifts.  Our boys will be receiving a gift from G for them being his big brothers.  I don't care what anyone says this whole adding a new kid to the mix has got to be hard.  And although a sibling should be gift enough, we have gifts for our boys.  It isn't anything too extravagant but something that they will enjoy and can play with as our house transitions. Hudson actually can tell you what he got in the hospital from Beau. We never really even talked about it.  He just remembers. So I take that as a sign that it helped.

{E I G H T}
Last but not least, PILLOWS! Body pillow, pillow from your bed, Boppy, whatever you desire! I can not stand not having pillows and since I basically sleep on my back almost upright after my sections, having some extra comfort from home is the only item I deem necessary in regards to the hauling of extra stuff!

{N I N E}
Have hubby pack a bag.  This time around we are an hour from our hospital so Andrew can't just run home and grab a shower or a change of clothes as easily.  He will probably want some of that (and a pillow) for himself.  See how this stuff accumulates?? Less is more!!

Other mamas, what am I forgetting? Anything essential? What did you take in your bag that was a MUST? I'd love to hear!


  1. You are getting so close! Can't wait to see photos of your new little boy! All great items to bring on your list. :)

  2. This is a great list.. I should bookmark it for the future! You're so close now!! Can't wait to see that annoucement that he's finally here :)


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