Thursday, August 21, 2014

Little Things...

I can not believe summer is over and kids are starting back to school.  I can't believe my sweet boy will be starting preschool in a couple of weeks.  It just doesn't seem possible.  And yet, when I look back from the beginning of summer to now, it is hard to ignore how much my boys have grown and changed!

Beau- 21 months

Beau is a character! He is happy go lucky with a million make you laugh faces! He cracks himself up more times a day which ultimately leads the rest of our family to laughing too! He has become so independent this summer, wanting to do more on his own, trying things by himself.  He is fearless and doesn't realize he is smaller than Hudson. He likes to do things that Hudson is doing.  They get along so great {most of the time}.  He has become a picky eater and a messy eater to boot! And his language has really developed this summer.  We can't always understand him {Hudson can better than us} but he can show us if we just aren't figuring it out quick enough.  His phrases are such a delight to hear!

Some current favorites:

"Wash dis, Mom!" {Watch this, Mom...said like a robot with a large pause between this and mom}
"I did it!" with hands raised in the air and a huge smile on his face.
"Wuch you doin, mom?" followed by my reply then "Ooohh" and "Why?" Repeat this sequence a number of times during any given task. {Me mopping the floor, folding laundry, making dinner}

I love that he calls Hudson {Hudshin} by name and even his little fits are sweet {not always at the time}.

Hudson- 3.5

Oh our sweet first born! Gosh he is a joy! And a challenge! Three is hard.  Hudson is so smart.  He gets things quickly, loves big and feels deep.  He has such a desire to express his thoughts.  He likes to be right and do right but also likes to do what he wants too! His vocabulary amazes us.  He referred to a Mulan's "reflection" the other day to which Andrew just looked at me dumbfounded! He loves to play outside, ride on his bike, draw with chalk, color, paint, sing.  He is beyond ready to start preschool; asking often what they'll do there, what he'll learn.  He is observant and sensitive.  He is kind.  He is inquisitive and funny and can be all boy! He is brave when we least expect it.  He loves his friends fiercely and talks about them often.  Hudson seems so big, so grown-up.  It is a joy to watch and yet breaks my heart too.  I know we are leaving the stages of toddler hood behind.

Some Hudson commentary:
When playing in the rain he came up to me and said, "Dey aren't tears. Dey're jus waindrops." And then patted my hand and smiled.

After nap we were taking his lovies (some blankets, a giraffe and two Mickeys) back to his bed (he naps in our room so Beau usually naps longer) and he dropped a Mickey.
Me: "You left a Mickey. Come get him."
Hud: "Oh jus yeave it."
Me: "But he'll be sad!"
Hud: Turning to look at me, totally serious, "Mom, dey aren't real." Walks away

It doesn't seem real how much I love these two boys.  They fill my cup over.  


  1. What sweet blessings your boys are. I love seeing photographs of them. They are absolutely precious. Our little ones bring an immense amount of joy to our lives don't they? I know these last two days that Ava has been in school have been dragging by. Even though I should be used to the school schedule and her being in 4th grade, I miss her greatly while she is gone during the day. I look forward to seeing how your newest little one fits in the mix of your family and what all he brings personality wise to your family.

    1. I bet! I can't imagine when my boys are gone all day, every day for school! Thank you so much! We are very excited!

  2. What precious boys!! I die!! And mine are basically the same age difference. I can so relate to all of this. :)

    1. How fun!!! It is definitely a whirlwind having them so close but so fun too! :)

  3. Haha I love reading their commentary! They both are adorable. Can you believe you'll have a third one soon?!

    1. I know! Such funny things they have to say! And I can't! Not at all!!


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