Thursday, December 4, 2014

Beau Turns Two!

After moving and my trip to Dallas, I returned with lots of painting to do, a mid-week birthday and a weekend party! Just thinking about November makes me tired!

My original plan was to have Beau's party outdoors during the late afternoon/evening time.  I was going to have chili and a weenie roast, s'mores; just good food for a fire pit kind of night but for a birthday.  I was going to have a bounce house for simple entertainment.  It was going to be fabulous.

Then Andrew kept talking about how early it get's dark and do we really want lots of littles jumping in a bounce house in the dark. And do we want a bunch of littles around fire.  Touche, dear husband.  So I moved the party to mid-afternoon and decided on snack food. (Thankfully this was before I had sent out the invites).

The next game changer was the bounce house rental.  They said they wouldn't rent the bounce house for an outdoor space that late in the year--too cold.  I couldn't wrap my mind around that because Beau's party date last year was beautiful. Sunny, warm. But, you'll have that. So I planned for some games.

Are you still with me? Afternoon party, outside, pumpkin/fall themed games.  Totally fine. Not panicking about just moving because the party was going to be outside.

Until it wasn't.  Because the week of Beau's party fall abruptly left and winter decided to check in.  It was COLD. I'm talking see your breath- is it going to snow- put on your long underwear- C-O-L-D!!

And that is how I had a party inside my half painted house just two weeks after moving in!

In all seriousness though, the party was great! Beau loved all the games. Our friends and family were there and just the fact that after the party we didn't  have to drive two  hours to get home was a blessing.

All the food was in our kitchen. I kept it super simple since the party was at 2 and it wasn't a meal time. I had flavored popcorn from our local popcorn shop, made a fall trail mix, and had pumpkin dip with apples and vanilla wafers.

The past few years I have made the boys' cakes.  This year I delegated that task out and am so glad I did!! Lady Pine Cupcakes did them and they were amazing! She had so many flavors but I kept with our fall theme and we had pumpkin pie, caramel apple and s'more.  They were all soooo good! {Yes- I had tastes of each! Don't judge!}

We did pumpkin bowling..don't worry..Andrew cut off the stem before we started. And how cute are those burlap covers?!

The birthday boy setting up his "pins"

 Hudson trying it out

We also did a "pumpkin toss" 
I wrapped toilet paper rolls in orange fabric and tied them with twine.  
{Please excuse the fact that our paint hadn't been trimmed out.  My type A personality was seriously tested} 

We did a balloon race.  The balloons were orange--get it--like a pumpkin! ;)

All this fun was absolutely exhausting!

Happy birthday again to our blonde, blue-eyed boy! Xoxo

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  1. Everything turned out so good! How cute is the pumpkin bowling?! And those cupcakes look amazing! Happy that you're back to blogging - and enjoying your new home!


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