Monday, December 1, 2014

Taking it back to Halloween

So you see--this thing called moving happened the very same weekend that Halloween happened. And then a whole lot of life happened.  What didn't happen? This blog! #bloggerfail

But it's ok.  We are just going to have a little throwback for awhile as I catch up everyone (hi, mom) who reads this.  Because no one likes missing pieces of a story, mmmk?

On Halloween, the boys woke up to a fun little breakfast, their Halloween bags holding a few treats and a house pretty completely packed up.  Writing about it now I feel like it was years ago that this happened.  I can't believe we moved away only a short month ago.

Anyway, back to Halloween..

Do you see that it is still dark out? My kids have  been waking up early ever since! 

The plan was for us to take the boys to our new (well, new again) town so they could trick or treat there that night.  I knew trying to keep them occupied in a house all packed up was not going to be much fun.  Andrew and I decided since he was coming back late that night to pack up the moving vans that I didn't really need to stick around.  Around nine that morning, I packed all three boys up and headed home.  

I can't tell you how surreal that drive was. I crossed the river out of Pike County and I couldn't even believe it.  In a year so much had changed in our lives.  Andrew and I became a stronger couple; we welcomed a new baby; made new friends; and found a peace in who God was calling us to be.  I never expected to be heading home permanently so soon.  My heart was so full.  It was as if the boys could feel my peace too.  Shortly into our drive, all three fell asleep.  It was the most peaceful two hour car ride. 

We made a stop at Andrew's parents when we got to town for a potty break and to unload.  Then we headed to meet my mom and brother's family for lunch.  Lunch with five boys, three and under, is never boring!

After late naps, the boys woke up to their other cousins (Andrew's brother's family) arriving for pizza and to trick or treat.  Hudson and Lila were really excited.  It was like they really understood how  much candy they were about to get!

My superheroes 

All month, all week even, the weather had been beautiful.  Halloween night was COLD! Like 30* cold! We layered our boys underneath their costumes and left Gabe with the grandparents so we could brave a few houses.  We stuck to Andrew's parents street and that was enough for our crew!

Before heading out

Striking a pose

It was such a fun night! I wish my kids could stay these ages forever.  Everything is so magical and special to them. 

Our boys were pretty wiped and fell asleep pretty quickly after settling down and getting into jammies.  Andrew's night was just beginning. 

But that is another story! ;) 

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