Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hitting the pause button

Thankfully the weather seems to have finally gotten the memo that spring is approaching.  I don't know about you, but months and months of cold with lack of sun exposure and being cooped up indoors doesn't really sit well in my soul.  I enjoy the snow and days in my pjs with the boys.  But I can only take so many.  Then I just long for walks, days at the park, swimming pools, grilling season, and nights around the fire pit.

Today was rainy.  I had errands to run after taking Hudson to preschool.  And errands with two littles in the rain {one still in an infant carrier} just doesn't scream fun.  It doesn't put me in the best mood.  Beau and Gabe were great and Gabe actually fell asleep by the time we got home.  I had made a list of things to do earlier this morning and I had thought of about 10 more things to add to that list while out.

Do you ever have the feeling of being so overwhelmed by what you have to do that you don't know where to start? That was how I felt today.  I went about making some calls, scheduling appointments, trying to cross things off the list.  I folded laundry {does it ever end} and went to put it away when I saw Beau in his room, curled up in a chair.

I set my laundry basket down and said, "Hey, Beau Bear. What are you doing?"

To which he replied, "My don't know.  I tired."

"Want mama to hold you?"

And my sweet, two and a half year old, more boy than baby these days guy crawled onto my lap and into my arms and just rested.  Total peace.  Deep breaths.  Complete stillness.

And I rested.  I paused on the day and soaked in the moment.  Grateful that my sweet bear still wants to be held by his mommy.  Thankful that, even though the days are crazy and oh-so-long during the winter months, I get to be the arms that hold him.

In that moment, God reminded me that taking a moment to pause is OK.  He reminded me that I can always rest in His arms.  That, I too, can experience peace and calm in His presence.  I just have to be still long enough.

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