Monday, August 24, 2015

Gabe turns ONE!

It happened. Saturday our sweet baby turned one. The first birthday is always really hard for me. I reflect on how fast the first year goes. I feel as though the stage of being a baby is over. All things baby seem to end (in our house): bottles, pacis. They seem to sprint into those next stages of learning and grow up over night.

Typically, the first birthday was eased because we were planning our next member of our family. But this time, although the door isn't closed on another baby, Andrew and I are both shelving adding to our family right now. We love being a family of five and the stages of our boys so want to focus on that for the time being. Which made Gabe turning one, just a little bit harder.

Friday night I snuck into his room to take a photo of him on the last night as a baby. He looked so big and sweet. I walked out of the room with tear-blurred eyes.

We had planned to have an outdoor party. Being that it is August in the Midwest, my husband was immediately concerned that the weather would be sweltering as it typically is in August.  Luckily, and surprisingly, the weather has been beautiful. Sunny skies, cool, mild temperatures, and less than average humidity.  The day called for clear skies and the same beautiful weather. 

We choose a carnival theme for Gabe's first birthday. It was whimsy and fun, bright colors. It was one of my favorite parties to plan. 

We rented a bounce house for the bigger kids and had a face painter come. There were also a couple of carnival-esque games; a giant ring toss and bucket toss. 

I wanted the food to match the theme. I also wanted to serve foods that people could walk around and eat while they watch their kids play and converse easily. We did corn dogs, giant pretzels, fruit cones, veggie cups, popcorn and peanuts.  I served cupcakes for dessert too. 

We kept the decorations simple. The backdrop for the food table, balloons, a carnival sign, tissue poofs above the cupcake table. Really simple and easy but the bright colors were eye-catching. I also drew up a little stat and fact sign about Gabe and his first year favorites. 

I loved sharing this day with some of our closest friends and family! The kids all played so well. Their sweet faces were so cute painted. Our face painter was a doll and did faces, their arms, legs; seriously whatever.  They looked so cute. 

Hud and his sweet friend

Gabe was such a great sport. He is the most lovable, easy going baby. He rolls with it all. which makes him perfect to be the third guy in our line-up, since our family seems to be on the go often with all of our schedules. He was loved on by everyone, passed around from arms to arms. 

Not sure if it was all the excitement, or if he takes after his daddy who also doesn't like to be sang to, he wasn't a fan of being sung too!

Is that not the sweetest sad face though??

Singing?? Not a fan. The cupcake? HUGE FAN! He scarfed the entire thing down. Icing in his nose style scarfing!

Although the weather called for clear skies and no rain, it was overcast the entire afternoon leading up to the party. With about half an hour left to go, the skies opened up!! So we moved inside to open presents.  Gabe had no interest after about five minutes but my sweet niece, Paisley, was all about helping! She was a hoot!! Loved hearing her commentary as we opened gifts! Gabe did love playing with all his toys as they came out, however!

It was such a sweet time celebrating our Gabers. I can't believe the day has come and gone. 

Here is to another year as a family of five! 

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