Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Our day today was jam-packed with Gabe's one year well baby visit, the grocery store, soccer and my fitness class. Luckily I had dinner in the crock pot of it is the week of our sweet cleaning lady to visit! After our busy weekend, I am ready for a fresh house!

Friday morning we had Hudson's preschool orientation. It was an hour long where he and I got to see his room, meet his teacher and classmates, and go through some fun activities. He is so excited for preschool and I think he is going to have a great year!

We spent the rest of our morning running errands; going to the store, the post office and taking Lexi to the groomer. By the time we got done with all of that it was time for lunch and naps! While the boys napped, I caught up on some work and housework.

Naps ended all too soon and we picked up our girl from the groomers. Andrew left early afternoon to head to our good friend's bachelor party so it was a night with just me and the boys! We baked brownies, went on a long walk, and decided on a pizza picnic and movie night together! The boys chose "Home". I love listening to the big two laugh at funny parts. I think it is so fun to watch them understand humor.

After the boys went to bed, I took a long shower, did my nails and read in bed. It was a pretty perfect night!

The boys and I woke up and had breakfast and readied for the day. I got all their things ready and took them to my parents' for a play-date/sleepover.  I love that my boys' love spending time with my parents. I also love that my parents are always willing to keep all three boys, even for an overnight. I know three little guys can be a lot of work but they always  handle it like champs.  And it was just my mom this weekend. So she really had your hands full.

Thankfully my mom sends lots of sweet updates so I don't have a chance to miss them too much. :)

The day was chilly for August in Illinois and quite overcast but the plan was an afternoon of boating and that is what we did.  All the ladies met up and drove to the marina.  It was a fun afternoon on the lake.

Heading out

Super sweet swag bags. 

Most of the girls

After the lake we drove back to the hotel and got ready for the night. We chowed on pizza and showered the lovely bachelorette with some lovely goodies to get her all ready for married life!

Before going out. Loved the cute tanks (and that it was a comfy, low key attire, night)!

Then we went out for the night. It was fun to hang out with some great girls, many who I hand't seen in a long time!

Sunday morning I got home pretty early and cleaned up around the house. Always in mom mode! But my mom took the boys with her to church so I had some time to kill. Since it was quiet and the house was clean, I turned on the TV and found Step Up had just started. You better believe I sat myself down with a bowl of cereal and enjoyed that little flick. I love that movie!

I headed to my parents' where the boys and I stayed for lunch, played some and then headed home for naps. Andrew got home shortly after that and we spent the rest of Sunday playing and hanging out together.

It was a pretty great weekend but I can say that I love when our whole family is together. It makes it hard to be a part.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! Those tanks are so adorable. And there is seriously nothing better than coming home to a cooked dinner and a clean house! :)

    1. Thanks! I agree whole-heartedly! The ways to my heart! ;)

  2. Awhhh such a fun weekend! And how fun to have a night with just you and your boys watching a movie and eating pizza! I can't WAIT to have my own kids to do that with :) Coolest bachelorette party ever! The lake is the perfect bachelorette party activity, I'm jealous!! That's so awesome your parents can take the boys for a night (or just your mom I guess, tha'ts one awesome grandma!!) Sounds like such a perfect weekend!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Those nights are pretty special! Taking time to slow it down from life! And we are blessed with awesome grandparents who love sleepovers with our boys! PTL!

    2. Those nights are pretty special! Taking time to slow it down from life! And we are blessed with awesome grandparents who love sleepovers with our boys! PTL!


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