Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites

Weeks are just flying by and trying to fit it all in is beyond crazy! This week was packed with fun and as I wrote out or September calendar, it seems like all our weeks are going to have the common theme of being packed!!!

This week I am just sharing some of my favorite moments from this past week!

{O N E}
Both our big boys are playing soccer this fall. Hudson moved up from Little Kritters to the U6 level. He has 45 minute practices once a week and a game every Saturday. He is the youngest on his team but plays with two of his best buds and the coach is one of our great friends.  It is so exciting to see them try hard and gain skills.

Beau is starting with Little Kritters. We do soccer through MidState (a popular program in our area that focuses on skill). The coaches are absolutely amazing. It is a half hour, once a week, and they learn how to control the ball, work on balance. I look forward to it every week!

Beau was a little leery so wanted me close by but he did awesome!

{T W O}
This summer I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and became a certified instructor for Cize Live. Cize is a brand new program from Beachbody. Cize Live takes the concept from the Cize at home program and puts into a live group fitness class format.  I was actually part of the first group of instructors to be certified and got to do my training with the creator of the program, Shaun T. and his crew.

I'm in the gray Nike tank! So much fun!

This week, a local gym scheduled me to teach class twice a week and an occasional Friday evening class! I am beyond excited! I LOVE this program and saw great results when I did it last month! I can't wait to share it with others even more!

If you are interested in the at home program, customized meal plans or an accountability group to help you get healthy, let me know! :)

{T H R E E}
Some of our closest friends found out this summer they were expecting their first baby! They had been trying for some time and so it was such wonderful news when they told us!! This week they found out the gender of the baby so another friend and I threw together a "Sweets and the Sex" gender reveal party. {I say threw together because I got a call late Monday morning that we were doing a gender reveal in just a few days! HA!!)

We served a variety of sweets and since mama and daddy to be were a dancer and football player in their earlier years, we decorated with a Tutu's or Touchdown theme.

I added letters for the Touchdown or Tutus theme.

Excuse the terrible flash. Guests voted what they thought the baby's gender was.

Dipped everything was my contribution! 

{F O U R}
I have naturally darker hair. It isn't a beautiful hue and so have colored my hair since college. I have gone light and dark but always love being dark. This summer I went lots lighter (my husband loves blondes! ;) ) and today I am going back to the dark side!

Is there anything more glorious than hair appointment day??? Here are some of the ideas I am throwing around.
My hair is no where near this long but I like the color.

Love this whole thing. I really like dark.

My hair is pretty close to this length. I love the layers. And her eyebrows. are they not on point??

Why must it take so long for hair to grow? I am dying for my hair to get longer but it isn't happening as quickly as I'd like.

That's all I have today! I hope you all enjoy your l-o-n-g weekend! We have a whole lot of nothing going on. Date night tomorrow, cookout Sunday. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

Andrea and the crew

Amy and Karli


  1. My oldest just started soccer this week and it's so fun to watch! How cool both your boys are in it.

  2. Love organized sports when they're that little! It's still fun and innocent, ya know? And I really like the first brunette picture. I have dirty blonde hair. I have always highlighted and finally a couple of years ago did the crazy and went all brown! And I LOVE it. And yes, hair appointment days are wonderful.

    Am your newest GFC follower. Thanks for stopping by! Nice meeting you. :))

    1. I so agree! It isn't all about winning. They care about the fun, their friends and the snacks! ;) It is definitely fun to try something different when hair appointment day rolls around!

      Thanks for hopping over and following!! :)

    2. I so agree! It isn't all about winning. They care about the fun, their friends and the snacks! ;) It is definitely fun to try something different when hair appointment day rolls around!

      Thanks for hopping over and following!! :)

  3. Loving all of your hair inspiration! #1 is my favorite! And how cute is the touchdown vs. tutu's theme - now I'm dying to know if it is going to be a boy or girl!


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