Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites: Feeling Fall

The busyness of our week sure made it fly by.  That, and of course, Monday being a holiday and making the weekend extend into the work week. I love when that happens and we have an extra day all together!

Anyway, I'm linking up today and sharing some of my favorites from this past week and things that are making me feel ready for fall. 

{O N E} 
As I posted last week, I had a hair appointment to go darker and I shared some of my cut and color choices.  I basically went with the Megan Fox color and a really textured long layered cut.  My hair lady, Tonya, totally hooked me up and I love it. Here it is making it's debut on last weekend's date night. 

{T W O}
We survived Hudson's first week of school. You can read about his first day on yesterday's post.  I sure do love that sweet boy and his excitement!

{T H R E E}
One of my very best friends had her twin babies this week!!!! I am over the moon ecstatic for her and her family.  Mama ROCKED her pregnancy. She was considered high risk twins aside, and she carried them to 37 weeks like a pro! They were born both weighing over seven pounds! No tubes, no NICU needed! They are just champs and I can not wait to meet them this weekend!!! 

{F O U R}
I like to switch out my soaps with the season. I just love how it makes our moods change. My boys love making me smell their hands after they wash! {I'm just glad they washed, ok?!} I'll be picking up these three scents today while shopping for a few other things for the boys.

{F I V E}
We love a good night around the fire.  My husband would probably have a fire every weekend but me, I love to wait until the weather gets a little cooler. And tonight is the perfect night to kick off Fire Pit Fridays with our friends!! I am cooking up a new chili recipe and making this snack mix. If you want to check out more of what I love on Pinterest, you can follow me here

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  1. Your new hair looks great! And I am all about the seasonal soap swap. Those summer soaps were out of my bathroom and fall soaps were reigning effective September 1st! I can always tell when my kid doesn't wash his hands when I don't catch a whiff of Cinnamon Pumpkin after he walks out of the bathroom! haha happy friday!


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