Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Around here..

Life has been so full around here. I sit back and reflect at the end of our days and I smile.  Seriously! Don't get me wrong. Not for one minute are things always rosy. I have three boys four and under for Pete's sake! There are fights, meltdowns, scrapes, tantrums, and days that really suck! But the sum of these days lately have been amazing!

Our schedule has been jam packed so here is the run down of what has been going on around here!

On Friday we had some friends over for a fire pit and some food! The yummy recipes I shared back here were a hit!

On Saturday, I woke up earlier than the family to get out the door to my Saturday Cize Live class. I had six new faces join me and we worked up incredible sweat as we danced our booties off! If you have not seen the craze of Cize, check it out!!

Nothing like a beautiful space to work up a sweat in.

I jetted out of class and drove home to help Andrew (my hero) finish getting the three boys ready for Hudson's first soccer game.  Can I just pause and say that I know it isn't babysitting when it is your own kids and my husband has never been the guy that says it is. But, it is a lot of work to get three little guys fed, teeth brushed, dressed, extra set of clothes for Hudson laid out, pajamas out for all three, diaper bag packed all by yourself when it is NOT your normal morning routine! See--hero is accurate. I'll explain later why we had to have pjs set out at nine in the morning. 

We got to Hudson's game and I can't even tell you how cute it was to see all the different teams playing. Hudson was nervous but so excited. They play three on three. He is on a team of five boys total so they practice subbing in and out.  At one point it was Hudson and two of his best buddies (boys of some of my best buddies) all on the field.  I think I teared up.

Hudson was so stinking cute. He kept looking over to us as if asking if it was okay to run after the ball; take the ball from another player; go fast; turn around. We had to eventually tell him on a water break to not look at us! Near the end of the game he scored a goal!! #proudparentmoment

After the game, we took all three boys to Andrew's parents house.  My nieces were in town for the day and I had planned a day date for Andrew and I. It is such a huge blessing that we have both sets of grandparents close who are always so willing to take our boys. Three is a lot to take on but they do it so graciously! #shoutouttomimiandgammy

Andrew and I headed about an hour and a half away to an event called Hobnob Market. It was my heaven, y'all! It was a huge event with antique, craft, vintage, you name it vendors! Over 200 vendors. Tents and tents of the best stuff! All right next door to a winery. Oh, and some yummy food vendors flooding the air with the most delicious aromoas. #heavenonearth

Andrew and I came with some ideas of what we were looking for and found so many other great finds as well! We left with a car full! I can't wait to show you some of the finds later as we get them all situated in the house!

We picked the boys up and had dinner and baths at Mimi's and headed home. They were wiped. Soccer in the morning, play day with cousins, fun at Mimi's with no nap kind of tired!

Andrew and I were planning on staying in but a good friend invited us to her father-in-laws house. He was throwing a get together and had hired a country singer that was traveling through town prior that week to come play. Like, a legit, "I-have-a-record-deal-you-may have-heard-me-on-the-radio" country singer. Now listen, if there is anything my husband loves as much as I love going and picking through "junk" to find my next treasure, is live music.  He doesn't really care who it is. He LOVES live music....

So I called a babysitter last minute who really just had to make sure our kiddos stayed asleep and we went to hang out and listen to live music. It was such a nice night.

Sunday was a typical day so I won't bore you with details.  ;)

I am reminded that each day with my family is a gift.  Not every moment is glamorous, fun. Some can be downright exhausting. But they are mine.  They are the heartbeat of my life.  I am choosing to look for joy in our days!

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