Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hudson's 1st Day of 4 year-old Pre-K!

It's official! Our house is "back to school!" I can not believe Hudson is in his last year of preschool before Kindergarten! It is absolutely crazy how fast these years have flown by!

Hudson attended preschool last year as well, but because we moved halfway through the fall, there were no openings in our district's preschool program. Although we loved where he attended last year, I wanted to get him in district so we could meet other families and so Hudson could start building friendships with kids he would go to school with in future years.

His new preschool is a co-op. Parent involvement is a requirement which I love. Every day there are two parent helpers in the room that act as aides.  I can not wait to go in each month and be part of his day and see him in action!

Yesterday was Hudson's first official day. Parent, and then child, orientation took place before Labor Day weekend. But yesterday was him, on his own, with his teacher and classmates!

Tuesday night we read the "Twas the Night Before Preschool." My mom had gotten Hudson a little back to school gift and the book was included. We saved it to read. When the story was over, Hudson admitted that he was a little nervous about his first day too but a lot excited! :) We reassured him that he would have a great day and prayed about his school year.

I wanted his first day to be special and to make it exciting to help ease his nerves. After my workout and shower, I whipped up some Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins.  I found the recipe over at Mix and Match Mama a few falls ago. My boys have loved them from the very first bite and ask for them all the time! They become a staple at our house when fall hits. And since Labor had passed, I felt like we could officially call it fall!

Andrew stayed to have breakfast with us, and to drop Hudson off for his first day! (It was also my first day teaching my Cize class at a new gym! Overlapping times equals Dad to the rescue for week one!)

Our guy looked so sweet on his first day.

The little boys and I went to Cize Live. They played in the day care area while mama got her sweat on teaching a fantastic group!

After we went home, snacked and played, it was time to pick up our missing piece! He was so cute packing up his bag and was thrilled to tell us about his day. Beau held Hudson's hand as we walked back to the car and asked, "So, how was your day at school, Hudson?" Melt my heart, would ya?? So cute! 

Hudson got to choose where we had lunch and picked Culvers. As we were finishing up, another boy from his class came in with his mom and came up and said, "Hey Hudson, remember you went to school with me today?" 

I can already see so many fun moments like this happening. Love it!

We ended his big day by meeting some friends at a church outreach called Real Encounter. BMX bikers and motorcyclist stunt men showed off some tricks and shared their testimony.  The boys ate it up!!! 

That's it! First day of 2015 in the books! Here is to a year full of fun, memories, learning and growth, sweet boy!!

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