Monday, April 4, 2016

April Goals

First Monday of a new month! How is it April already??? This year is going entirely too fast and although I don't want to wish it away, I am always excited for summer and we have some really FUN things coming up this year that I am looking forward to! 

I like to set goals often. Goals for my personal life, my faith walk, my fitness, my business. I don't wait for a new month to set goals but I do like to look at the month ahead and reflect on what I could change or some areas of my life that seem to need some concentration. 

So here are my goals for this new month!

{O N E}
Finish Insanity Max:30. I am starting the 7th week of this eight week program. I did this program over a year ago and honestly lost focus during the second month. This time I decided to embrace the sweat, difficulty and process. Cardio has never been my favorite kind of workout and I allowed my dislike for it to keep me from digging deep last time. This time I found that although cardio still isn't my favorite, I love pushing myself, feeling breathless and really concentrating on the muscles I am using. Two more weeks and I will be more than happy to send in my results and earn my free shirt! 

{T W O}
Another fitness goal?!? Seriously??! (eye roll) Being healthy is something I am really passionate about. I believe that God gave us this one body and we really are called to treat it as a temple. I will be starting the Ultimate Reset on the 18th. This program is a whole food eating plan that resets and repairs the body from the inside.  There are no workouts (yoga and walking are encouraged). I know eating well is hard for me and so I am using this three week program to really help me focus on eating well, but also to dig deeper into my faith and seeking out where God is calling me. 

I've been experiencing some SERIOUS tugs on my heart these past few months and I want to seek out what God is saying, decipher what He is leading me and my family to. Giving up physical cravings and focus on quenching my spirit and craving more of Him and His word. 

{T H R E E}
Spring cleaning! I keep a pretty tidy house. Not just picked up. I like it clean! But there are some definite spring cleaning items we need to get to. 

So this month the two I'd like to tackle are:
--Window Cleaning: Like, inside and outside, screens out, deep cleaning
--Cleaning out/Organizing Cabinets: Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry room...all the cabinets!!

Anyone ever find a good spring cleaning list?? I swear I have probably pinned a dozen!! Should probably compile and print out the best ones! 

{F O U R}
Read more. I have two books I'm in the middle of. One I need to start. And then, I'd like to find a new devotional type book and one for leisure reading. I love to read but don't always make time for it.  So silly! I'm open to suggestions if you have some good books on your list! 

That's it for April! Those are my four focused goals! Lots to accomplish but definitely all things that will challenge me, grow me, and help me feel more organized! 

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