Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Gabe Update

At the beginning of this year I started to have some concerns surrounding Gabe and his speech, or his lack of speech to be more exact. I remembered both Hudson and Beau beginning to talk, the time frame, the progression. I wasn't seeing the same pattern in Gabe. I knew from all my child development classes that children reach certain milestones at different times. I knew that is where there is a range versus an exact date for children to do things. And I knew that, with Gabe, he was one to do things in his own time.

This summer though, without seeing progress, with still have this sweet boy quiet more often than not, my mom intuition was desperate to seek out some answers. I didn't want to wait for his two year well visit. I didn't want to prolong getting him help if he was showing a delay. I wanted to make sure I was his advocate.

Fortunately there are services that help determine if there is an actual delay or if your child is just progressing on his own timeline. With Gabe not being able to talk for himself, there were certain aspects of the testing that I had to answer for him. What I had observed. I knew even before we got the results, just from answering the questions, that Gabe was going to show a pretty severe deficit in his area of communication.

Where all other areas were normal or above average, Gabe's expressive language was showing a 40% deficit. He was understanding and comprehending language, he just wasn't talking.

We began services at the beginning of August. Speech therapy once a week with support from a developmental therapist once a week as well to encourage what was happening in speech therapy.

If I'm honest, I wanted to see progress right away. I wanted to see that gap close. I wanted to hear my child talk and express himself. Gabe's sweet personality, silliness, and joyful disposition (most of the time....he is still a typical two year old), I wanted expressed in words!

Two months in, some progress has been made. His attention has gotten better as he focuses on the tasks in front of him. He is using his known, strong words more frequently with more clarity. He is imitating vowels better and making syllables with "repeating" back a word.

But there are still missing pieces. Although he is making a great effort, he still is missing a lot of the sounds.

This week we are diving into two possible scenarios that could be slowing Gabe's progress: a tongue tie or a possible apraxia diagnosis.

We've read up some on both, on how they can effect speech. Our prayer is for God to give us answers. For God to show us how to best help Gabe. For God to give us patience as we wait to see what he needs or if it is just waiting on Gabe.

I'm thankful for early intervention, for knowledge of speech-pathologists and the patience of ours in particular who is so caring and loving with Gabe, even when he is in a salty mood.

I'm also thankful that God already knows what awaits us and is more than capable of taking us on this journey.

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