Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's a Toy Story party!

I know three posts may seem a bit excessive but we celebrated lots.  Three posts for a three year old--it works!

This past week the boys and I went home for the whole week.  We had doctor and dentist appointments.  It was my mom's birthday.  I needed some friend time.  It was a week well spent (except for when I got stuck in a ditch! Old Man Winter you may leave at ANY time!!)

It worked out to go back early because it allowed me to get the rest of the things I needed for Hudson's party in town without having to haul it back.  I hate packing up the car with excess stuff so getting supplies there totally made this mama happy!

Parties in the dead of winter are a bit tricky. I wanted Hudson and his buddies to be able to run and play plus have our friends and family there too! Finding a space that allows for all of that indoors can be difficult.  Plus, Hud isn't at an age where we can do just anything.  My friend, Teran suggested an indoor play place at a church that she was going to use for her son's party a couple of years back.  It was perfect!!!

We decided to have the party in the morning- our kids are just better mid-morning- and do a breakfast theme! Hudson loves breakfast more than any other meal of the day! And I love donuts! Ha! I never get them because I only will splurge on a donut if it is completely worth it, and let me tell you, the ones we got for Hudson's party were definitely worth the splurge!

So Saturday morning, my mom and I set up while Andrew went to get the donuts.  We literally set up in about 25 minutes.  It was so simple and stress free.  And it turned out pretty cute too!

Besides donuts from our favorite, Golden Glaze, we served mini donuts, cinnamon buns, and cereal.  Seriously simple.  I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the favors but we got these Toy Story buckets and filled them with bubbles, pencil, a Sheriff badge, candy, and fruit snacks.  I attached balloons to all the buckets to weight them and then each kid got balloons with their bucket! Easy peasy!

We ate first and then let the kids play! It was seriously the best play place..slides, a ball pit.  Smaller play places for the littler ones and some ride ons.  I loved watching them all play! 

**I know I should have taken  more pictures but it was so good to soak it in. Hudson talks about his friends and cousins all the time.  Since moving away we don't always get to see them as often as we'd like so it was so sweet to watch them all play.

Instead of stopping the play, we brought Hudson's gifts into the play area.  He opened them. Sometimes the kids would stop and watch and then go right back to playing.  Let's be honest, its the adults that want to see what the kids got at this age. 

After presents and more playing, we sang happy birthday and had cupcakes.  Hudson sang right along.  Unlike his Daddy, Hudson loves the singing party of birthdays.  

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