Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hudson's Turns Three

I love my birthdays! I think it is such a fun day! Hudson has been excited about his birthday since Beau's birthday back in November.  He was completely aware of what a birthday was and how he would get a party.  It was really fun to watch him anticipate it as well as be able to request what he wanted as his treats, for his party.  It was so so sweet!

The night before our kids' birthdays, I snap a picture of them sleeping.  I started this last year before Hudson turned two.  A friend (hi, Emily!) gave me this idea and I adore it.  I love sleeping pictures anyway so having one to look back on each year is really sweet.

Hudson turned three on a Saturday this year.  I loved that because Andrew got to be with us the whole day! Hudson came padding into our room on Saturday morning and whispered to Andrew, "It's my birfday! I'm so 'cited!" I made giant cinnamon rolls for his birthday breakfast! Doesn't he look so so thrilled that his day arrived?

Our day was pretty low key but so wonderful.  We played with toys and play-dough (always a hit at our house). We read books and cuddled.  A pretty typical day but felt special nonetheless.  

Later that afternoon we had a baby shower for a sweet couple that Andrew works with.  They are so so sweet and going to be first time parents.  We have really liked getting to know them these past months as Andrew has worked for Whitetail. 

That evening we were having our little family party! We opened presents! Hudson was super cute during that! I love his faces!


For dinner he had requested "peppy-oni" pizza. Well, twist my arm, I guess so! And of course, breadsticks.  Our boys love breadsticks!  Since we were having cupcakes for his party we choose to do ice cream sundaes as his birthday dessert.  Earlier that week, Hudson and I went to the store to pick out toppings.  He needed some direction at first but  he caught on and made some stellar choices! 

I don't think he turned down one single topping choice!

To end our evening, we rented Despicable Me 2.  I had never seen it and Hudson hadn't seen it since the movies this summer.  It was such a cute movie.  I liked more than the first; call me crazy! We are so blessed to have Hudson in our lives.  I can not imagine a day without him.  

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  1. Looks like Hudson had a wonderful 3rd birthday!!! I can't wait to have little ones and share these special times with the world :) You are a great mom!


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