Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy birthday, Hudson!

How is it possible?? Three already! I can not believe my sweet boy is turning three tomorrow.  I typically have a pretty good memory.  I often remember the most insignificant details of something to which Andrew always says, "How do you remember that?" And then lots of those big moments, I have trouble remembering all the important, little details I want so desperately to remember.  Andrew and I's wedding day- huge chunks are blurry.  I chalk that up to the fact that there was so much love in that one day that it overwhelmed my ability to tune into all the details of the day.

But the day Hudson was born, the day that forever changed me, I remember ever so vividly.  It was a Monday and I had arranged to take the day off because I was going into the hospital at midnight to be induced.  I figured I should rest (read: check, recheck, and check again that we had everything ready) since I heard labor could be a doozy.  Little did Andrew and I know that the blizzard of the decade (seriously) was coming.  So at noon my doctor's office called and said to head into the hospital at around 6 or 7.  (Very relaxed).  Andrew came home, we watched the weather to see if we needed to make the drive sooner (Hudson was born in Bloomington) or if we could wait until closer to check in time.  (You would think I was checking into a resort).

Well we waited and made the drive and arrived safely.  I got all hooked up, dressed in my gorgeous gown (HA!) and to my surprise, Doctor came in to my room to break my water.  I thought that was happening later in the evening but nope! We got the show started! I also had two nurses, one was a student (I think) who was young and gorgeous.  I immediately set myself up to dislike her but she was the sweetest thing and I knew I just couldn't dislike her.  She was a doll.

I remember Andrew being surprised at my ability to watch the Bachelor (that's right) and Facebook creep will having some pretty big contractions.

I remember the water break aftermath that still puts Andrew and I in stitches.

I remember telling our parents there was no need to come up that night and having my parents bust in my room at 2 AM because they didn't want to miss anything. (Thanks, Mom! Our sweet nurse showed them the family waiting area so maybe I could rest before labor picked up)

I recall all the times the nurses came in and we were told that my progress was S-L-O-W.  

I remember, after 17-18 hours of labor, Doctor coming in and discussing with us a c-section.  I asked him to give it to me straight. If waiting a little longer would help. I already knew the answer.

I remember him joining hands with Andrew and I and praying peace over us, guidance over himself in the operating room, and for the birth of our sweet boy to be joyous.  All with tears streaming down my face.

I remember that Andrew was oddly excited about the fact that he got to wear scrubs! HA!

But more than anything, I remember the first time I saw our sweet guy.  The baby that made me a mommy.  That made our family fill more complete.  That taught me what unconditional love meant in one glance.  That showed me exactly how it felt to, without hesitation, know I would give up my life for his.

These past three years have been a wild ride.  Hudson, you have taught me more in those three years than I have ever learned in my lifetime.  You had my whole heart the minute I laid eyes on you and your gorgeous head of hair! You were all of my best wishes coming true.  You made me a mommy, the one thing I wanted to be my whole life.

You are so so smart.  You amaze your daddy and I with what you know.  You have an uncanny memory.  You can remember the smallest details of a day and will bring them up weeks later with perfect memory.

You love music.  You love to sing.  You love to draw and paint.

You love books.  You could look at books for hours.  You love to be read to. I love sharing stories with you.  I love how you laugh at funny things and say the words you know along with me. You love to work on your letters.

You love playing outside. Going on walks, to the park, to the pool. Playing in the sprinklers, with chalk or bubbles.  

You have a fierce sense of justice.  You want everything to be fair.  You want everything to be right.  And in your sweet three year old world, that often means you don't always get your way.

You have been the biggest helper. You can do so many big boy things. So much has changed this past year making you big.

You are the best big brother.  You are kind to Beau (most of the time).  You are protective of him.

You tell mommy and daddy often how much you love us.  It blesses my heart to hear those words come out of your mouth so often.

You love your friends.  You talk about them often.

You love sweets; cupcakes especially.

Your excitement over little treats gives your daddy and I joy.  I love to watch you jump and down and cheer.

I pray that you continue to grow and learn.  I pray that you always feel our love for you.  I pray you know that God's love for you is even greater.  I pray that you never lose your strong will and that God uses that to guide you for His purpose for your life.

We love you so very much, Hudson.  Happy 3rd birthday! I can't wait to see what this next year has in store!

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