Thursday, January 9, 2014

A look back--Thanksgiving weekend

I can not believe it's already 2014. But before I can look forward, I have to look back.  So much has gone on these past few months that kept me away from this blog I love so dearly. I know I have to get it all down.  Time passes so quickly with these little ones that I want to be able to look back always and remember these special times.

Thanksgiving was a whirlwind for us.  This was the first year we lived farther than 15 minutes from family so having to drive home was new.  I packed us all up on Tuesday night and finished Wednesday morning.  It was a crazy busy day for my business so even though we planned to get on the road mid afternoon, neither Andrew or I's schedule allowed.  It ended up working out because we got to feed the boys, dress them in jammies and get them cuddled in before we trekked home.  Once we got to my parents house, we unloaded the car, got the boys in, and then this mama headed over for some much needed girl time with some of my best mommy friends (minus one, sadly).  We shared a cocktail, snacks, did our nails, gabbed about our kids, our husbands, and everything under the sun.  It is one of the biggest blessings in my life to have friends that I can be absolutely myself with.  No judgement ever, about anything.  I pray every woman has a group of friends like that.

The next day we woke up, had breakfast with my parents, and watched the parade with boys in between getting ready for lunch with Andrew's side. I love the parade.  Hudson wasn't as intrigued; only during certain parts, usually the music and if he recognized the balloons. Beau napped through the whole thing! :)

While we didn't get to see my siblings, we got to see all of Andrew's mom's side at his grandparents' house.  I absolutely love Grandma Martha.  She is such a sweet lady, so petite, and fashion forward, and fun! She makes delicious food and her house is always so warm! The boys got to play with their cousins, Lila and Paisley.  They also got to play with their second cousin, Eli, who is 5.  They were all so fun to listen to run around and giggle and wrestle.  I am so glad my boys have family they can call friends.

After lunch we went to see Andrew's other grandma and grandpa.  We love Don and Jo equally.  She is a woman of many talents that I feel are lost.  She is the one who made Hudson's baby quilt and curtains for his nursery. She is an excellent cook, sews beautiful things.  I just love to soak up what she knows.  I may or may not have many details of our little visit because I may or may not have snoozed in their recliner all wrapped up in a blanket.  It was heaven!

After that we began our way back home.  It was such a quick trip.  As much as I hate quick trips, we had so many fun things planned for the boys that weekend.

Andrew had Friday off which was really nice.  We grocery shopped, put up our outdoor lights and decorations, finished raking our leaves! (Don't judge!)  We put up Hudson's tree in his room and he was so excited to look at his ornaments that he has collected in his short 2.5 years! He kept saying, "I'm just looking at this because I love it." Gah! The things they say!!

On Saturday the boys woke up to find a special breakfast in honor of our elf arriving from the North Pole.  Our elf came last year too and we weren't sure if Hudson would remember but oh my word he absolutely did and was so stinkin' excited!

They ate snow donuts, candy cane fruit and had hot chocolate (read room temperature).  I read the Elf on the Shelf story to them and Hudson officially named our elf, Jack!

Then they got to open the presents that the Jack brought.  New Christmas jammies and the Polar Express.  Hudson was obsessed with this movie last Christmas but we didn't own it.  

Um yes that is a massive basket of laundry that needs folded and yes Hudson is in his underwear.  He was half asleep when he had went to the bathroom that morning. You figure it out ;)

We finally got around to getting ready because our day was not yet over! We decided after our lights going out on our artificial tree last year that this year we were going to try our hand at a real one.  I was further convinced this fall when we visited the best pumpkin patch and also found out they were a Christmas tree farm.  The experience did not disappoint.  But before we went there, we had to do a little Christmas shopping while in Springfield, and also go out to lunch.  (Our town has about two little restaurants so needless to say we eat at home almost always.  Going out is a HUGE treat for us, especially this mama who needs a break from cooking every once in awhile!)

After our shopping and lunch, the boys were definitely ready to pick out our tree.  It was really fun to walk the farm to find one, and then watch Andrew cut it down.  Another family offered to get our picture which I was so thankful for.  We rarely take a photo of our whole clan.

After securing our tree, picking out a free new ornaments, and getting some evergreen branches for our window boxes, we were ready to head back home.  The boys fell asleep before we hit the interstate.  We spent the rest of our  night putting up and decorating our tree.  Our weekend unfortunately ended with Andrew getting the stomach bug but it didn't matter. We still watched Polar Express, the first event on our advent calendar and our little home was decorated for Christmas.  That is something I look forward to all year!!
Jammies from Jack, our elf

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