Thursday, January 9, 2014

December Post #1

I hate trying to think of titles for my posts.  I am just not good at it.  I want them to be witty, or appealing, or inspiring, or something.  Today's is not.  I'm ok with it.  Let's just look back together, shall we?

This year it was my goal to do something each day/night of December.  I choose various fun activities with some acts of kindness thrown in there too.  I want my boys to grow up with a firm knowledge that Christmas is not about what we receive but also how to give.  I get so much joy watching others open gifts that I have chosen for them.  It truly makes me happy.  But I also want to teach my boys to bless others, people that serve our community, strangers, anyone.  And of course, more than anything, that the truest reason for the season is our Savior's birth and how that changed everything for us all.  In addition to our activities we read a verse or two of Scripture each night.
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My goal was to take a picture of each advent activity but that didn't happen.  What I realized as the advent season went on, that doing an advent calendar and stressing about it wasn't the point.  If we missed an activity, or had to do it on another night, so be it.  That was sure better than me screaming at my kids or yelling at Andrew or ending up stressed because it wasn't going to plan.  When we did fit in our activities, it was really special.  I am so thankful that we took time throughout the month to pause and enjoy our family.  To share Christmas movies with Hudson and Beau that Andrew and I love; to bake goodies with them; to shop for our troops; to send treats to our mailman.  Whatever we did it was fun to make the season more magical, more meaningful. 

I'm already looking forward to next year's calendar and the memories we will continue to make with our boys!

In no particular order...a look back this advent season:

We decorated our large window with gel clings.  The boys LOVED those things and surprisingly, didn't ever pull them off!

Making snow donuts to watch with a Christmas movie later that evening. 

He loved adding the face and buttons 

Jack..some days he was sillier than others ;)

Beau couldn't always make it to the end of our evenings 

Dance party to Christmas music 

We went with our nieces to Chuck E Cheese.  It was our first time. It may have been our last! HA

Making stockings 

Salt dough ornaments 

A snow package from Mimi 

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