Friday, January 17, 2014

#brucebrood2014 Week 1

So last year one of the blogs I followed took a picture every day of something going on in her life or her family's life.  I thought what an amazing little scrapbook to look back on.  So this year I am doing the same.  If you follow me on instagram you can see all the pictures as they happen by searching #brucebrood2014.

Day 1- Snuggling this big boy hanging out at home on New Year's Day.  I can't wait to see what excitement comes our way in 2014. 

Day 2- the boys wanted to play in the snow and it finally wasn't below freezing.  It was fun but we only lasted about 25 minutes before heading back in to warm up.  Look at their little marshmallow bodies!! 

Day 3- Some days you just have to skip the table and have an indoor picnic. I made homemade pizza and we watched a movie together.  We are ready for spring!!!

Day 4- a warmer day for outside play. Do you wanna build a snowman? Any one else's kiddos obsessed with Frozen? 

Day 5- These boys melt my heart.  Snuggling in for a Bee Movie.  We had never seen it and Hudson loved it.  Aunt Rachel hit a home run with this Christmas gift! :)

Day 6- Being indoors can make for some cabin fever.  So naps were skipped and we vegged out with a little popcorn and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  

Check out the blog next week to see what the Bruce's are up to! 

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