Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My boys

Boys. I love 'em. I grew up the only girl in my family and have always pictured myself having a daughter just because my relationship with my mom is awesome but oh my gosh-- no one ever really told me how much fun being a mom of boys is!

They are so fun, funny and uniquely different.  Every day those boys do things or say things (Hudson) that I always want to remember.

Hudson seems to be such the typical first born.  He is very organized and neat.  He likes order.  He is stubborn and definitely wants to be in control.  (I think that is birth order combined with a strong dose of being almost three!)  He is such an advocate of fairness and rules but all according to his own terms.  All of these things I love, even though they are so trying at times.  He also has a super tender heart and aims to please and achieve whatever is asked of him.

He has been really into superheros lately, and, thanks to Dad, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It is fun to see him become more imaginative in his play and use blankies and pillows as swords, lassos, and capes.

Hudson definitely desires to be heard.  He has an opinion and wants to make it known.  It can come across as argumentative so we are trying to find that balance of allowing him to speak his peace but in a way that is respectful.  Gosh-parenting is work!! I always that the first year is the easiest because essentially you are just keeping them alive.  Feedings, baths, routines; that is a cake walk.  Then after they turn and their personalities begin to develop you actually have to start molding them, even more intentionally than ever!

Beau is so very different than Hud.  He is the quintessential second born.  Chalk it up to Andrew and I being more at ease with the parenting thing, or this whole birth order business having some credibility, but Beau is easy going.  He goes with the flow.  He wakes up smiling and goes to nap and bed smiling.  He is a lover; such a cuddle bug.  As he gets into his second year (seriously almost 15 months already??) his personality is definitely showing through.  He likes to make us laugh and oh my can he get angry! But within seconds, Beau can be calmed down and happy, completely forgetting what was just an issue.  Although Beau doesn't say a lot (mama, dada, ba (ball) his receptive language is strong.  He can follow directions and is starting to help with little things.

These two totally have my heart.  I am so so blessed to be their mama.  I know I won't remember every detail as vividly as I want to one day but goodness sake I hope I never forget the precious images that are imprinted so deep in my mind and heart.  I am so thankful for this little space to document the happenings of our lives, of our family and the opportunity to share them with our family and friends.


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