Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Small moments


It is Wednesday night.  My goal was to post on both blogs three times a week, striving to get them up in the morning when I get my reading and some work done.  (I blog here about my fitness and health journey)  Today totally got the best of me.  I was off schedule all day. But it's ok.  I soaked up lots of sweet moments with my boys.

~I made them pizza for lunch.  I never make homemade pizza for lunch.  Hudson thought it was the best treat.

~We ventured out on this warm day (high 36) to choose sundae toppings for Hudson's birthday dessert this Saturday.  He choose some good ones.  I am not sure who is looking forward to that treat more in our sweet-loving family of four.

~The boys and I put magnetic letters on the fridge and Hudson told me all the letters he knew.

~I read books to Beau on my with Hudson cuddled into my side.  I am amazed at what Hudson can pick up from illustrations and how he is already wondering aloud what will happen next.  (Be still my former teaching heart!)

~I dozed on the couch for 15 minutes this afternoon before Hudson got up from his nap.  I can't really remember the last time I allowed myself to do that!

~I ticked Beau until his belly laugh was so big I couldn't tickle him any more because I was laughing to hard.

~I sat back and watch my boys begin to dance and squeal when they heard the garage door open signaling "Daddy's home!!"

~We snuggled the boys after bath until Beau went to bed.  Then wrapped up the night with games and books, just Hudson, Andrew and I.

I have laundry and cleaning to do.  I didn't workout at my usual time.  My dishwasher still needs ran and I am sure the crock pot needs scrubbed.  But this day, this day is one I want to remember.  All those small moments are ones that can sometimes pass in a blur.  Yet those sweet moments, those little day to day activities that sometimes get passed over in importance of bigger events in our minds, those are the moments that our life happens.

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