Saturday, January 18, 2014

Is it spring yet?

It is mid-January in the Midwest.  It has been extremely cold.  We have had beautiful snows and horrible ice so far this winter.  And my boys are driving me CRAZY!! Not really; I love every minute I get to spend with them but oh my word, cabin fever is taking it's toll!

I think Hudson asks to go outside daily.  And believe me, we have bundled up and trekked outside for our share of errands and just to run around for a bit.  But when the temperature is in the teens and the wind chill makes it feel even colder, this mama is NOT going outside.  It is during these winter months that I truly believe God has a plan to somehow move this family south....waaaayyyy Texas.

About mid-November Andrew and I put our plan of finishing the basement into action. Our fathers and Andrew labored one weekend in Novemeber then a few more weeks and weekends in December.  They added walls, drywall, walled in our stairs, painted, put in lights and a ceiling.  One side is a little more finished than the other.  Our stairs come down the center.  The other side is far large ride on toys and our workout area.  I am so thankful grateful beyond ecstatic to have this new play space.  It has seriously helped the sanity factor in all this indoor play.  It is also a huge plus to have open space being the mom of two very active, rambunctious boys! HA!

Besides playing with toys, board games, puzzles, we have had play-dough fun, some art fun, and, let's be honest, some movie fun!

Here is the thing...I LIVE in the Midwest.  This weather could go on for MONTHS!!! (insert me crying. And by crying, I mean weeping!) What do you mama's do with your kiddos during the winter months to keep them busy and happy and to keep yourself from going batty?! I would love to hear!

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