Monday, January 27, 2014

A date with my Hud

At the beginning of January I took some time to sit down and write out my goals for the year.  Over the past six months I have learned how crucial it is to see those goals on paper, to make a plan to achieve them.  My list included goals for me personally and my spiritual walk, goals that related to our family's finances, to my business and also to my roles as a wife and  mother. 

One goal that I wrote down was to spend special 1:1 time with each boy.  I can recall both of my parents taking me out on different occasions growing up.  We would go putt putt, or to a movie, or to get ice cream, or even just run an errand, me and them.  It was such a wonderful time.  Time that I treasured because I had their full attention.  Time that they were focused solely on me, my thoughts.  They didn't have to share their attention with my brothers or things at home.  I knew that this was something I wanted to, needed to do with my boys. Especially Hudson.  Being that he is almost three and has shared Andrew and I with Beau from such a young age, I know how much he loves that time with just us.  

This Saturday we were out as a family purchasing decorations and some things for Hudson's third birthday.  We took an impromptu trip back to Decatur.  Since we were in town, and we would have someone to watch Beau (plus some things to do since Pittsfield is quite small) I decided to see if Andrew's mom would keep Beau so I could go on a date with Hudson.  

He and I ran to Target to make some returns, look at the toys, talk about what he wanted for his birthday and comment on how many girl toys there were.  After searching the home section, with less enthusiasm from Hud, we headed to Panera to continue our date.  I told Hudson that he could pick a treat from their dessert section.  He was a quick decision maker.  Literally, I did not even get through all the items he could choose from before I heard, "I want dat tuptake please!" Our boy loves him some cupcakes.  If you want to work your way into his heart, share a cupcake with him.  And by share I mean give him the whole thing and watch him enjoy it and look at you lovingly. He also got a chocolate milk (thank you Panera for always having organic so I feel only half as bad about the sugar) And this mama treated herself to a non-fat hot chocolate.  It was lovely.  

We sat together I got to hear him tell me how yummy his cupcake was. (He choose "be-nilla wif be-nilla icing and a purple heart!") He told me about how excited he was for his birthday and how we couldn't wait to see his friends, which he then listed.  As he talked I imagined all our future dates.  I prayed silently that this sweet boy would always open up to me.  That he would always want to share his heart with me.  That I would raise him to love time with his dad and I.  I prayed that he would grow in kindness.  That God would grow him into a man who is humble, a man with integrity.  

We finished our treats and made our way to the car.  He kept saying "dat was a great date."  I couldn't agree more.  

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