Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Eve

We woke up Christmas Eve morning at my in-laws house.  We arrived the night before.  Andrew left work early afternoon and we made the drive back to Decatur.  We had to drive separately because the boys and I were staying the week, and he had to go back to Pittsfield for some work.  

When we got to my in-laws on Monday night my sweet nieces were there and Hudson and Beau could not have been more excited to see them and Aunt Jaci.  I've talked about how close our kids are (Hudson and Lila two months a part; Beau and Paisley two weeks a part) so they are the perfect playmates.  Mimi's (to the grandkids, Vickie to the rest of us) house smelled wonderful. She had fresh baked sugar cookies and she and Jaci and made some yummy candies.  Andrew even talked her into making peanut clusters.  Me, still trying to stick to as clean eating as possible, immediately saw temptation every but didn't overindulge (too much! Ha!)

One of the things we miss most about home are all the yummy places to eat, one being Andrew's grandparent's pizza shop- Del Carmen's.  It is so so so good and Vickie had it ready for us for dinner.  It was such a treat.  All the kids devoured it, especially sweet Paise!

On Christmas Eve, I woke up and since I had made a breakfast casserole ahead of time, I popped that in the oven to bake while everyone slept.  Once everyone woke up we shared breakfast and the got ready for the day.  We played all morning.  Hudson and I baked a birthday cake for Jesus for later that night.  We chose a candy cane cake from our favorite cake site.  

Jaci and the girls showed up mid-morning to play. Uncle Aaron had to work that morning before heading our way.  We attempted some family pictures too.  Those were a bit of a flop! :)


Once Aaron and the boys' great-grandparents arrived, we ate lunch and then the present opening began. 

Lila and Hudson were SO into it! It was so much fun to hear their shrieks and giggles. Now I could upload the hundred thousand pictures I took but I will just upload some favorites.

After the present opening, more visiting, lots of snacking, we packed up some of our things and headed to meet my parents and brother and sister in law at church.  I love love LOVE Christmas Eve service.  I love the way the church looks.  I love being with our church family on such a special night.  I love all the music. And of course, my favorite part, the candle lighting during Silent Night to close the service.  This year our pastor read the most wonderful story.  It was perfect.  The church was dim. Beau snuggled in and was totally content on Aunt Tori's lap.  And Hudson, my big two and a half year old, snuggled in and fell asleep in my arms.  Perfect. Night.

We left church and headed to my parents.  We had dinner with them and then cut the cake Hudson and I made earlier.  We put in candles in the cake (which Hudson blew out immediately he was so stinkin' excited!) and sang happy birthday to Jesus.  I hope we always strive to put the focus for this holiday on it's true meaning.  

Since they had already had baths before cake, we moved right on to a tradition as old as me.  Every Christmas Eve my brothers and I were allowed to open one gift. And every year we opened up a new set of Christmas jammies.  As we got older those pajamas became less holiday themed and more comfort based but this tradition is one I knew I would carry into my future family.  Even before kids, Andrew and I would open up one present Christmas Eve, gifting one another with pajamas.  When we had Hudson, I think I was more excited about this part of Christmas than any other.  

So we sat in front of the tree and the boys opened up their gifts.  I got their pajamas from Pottery Barn Kids this year.  I absolutely loved these classic pajamas.  Hudson had the Elf on the Shelf art on his from the book and Beau's had the classic Santa, snowman, and other winter items on his onesie.  

After they were all snuggly, we had one more tradition.  We read the Christmas story using this wonderful children's pop-up book we got when we were pregnant with Hudson. It was truly a wonderful Christmas Eve with our families.  I will always remember their smiles, giggles, and just how blessed I felt.  

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