Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kisses and sweet moments

I often post about the big things in life.. our holidays, outings, vacations.  I of course want to remember those and document them all.  But I also know that I need to make sure to remember and write down the little things.  The moments that are passing by as our children grow from one stage to the next.  Maybe it is because as I think about having a newborn again, I realize how fleeting that time really is.  How each stage passes so quickly (even the ones that feel like they are going to last forever)

Sometimes I get grumpy or frustrated that my kids are so little and still need so much.  That the floor needs mopped nightly unless you want to have the day's meals stuck to your socks.  That I can't get a shower without a knock on the door (if I'm lucky!) or someone peeking in the entire time.

I was reminded of these how fast time goes this week.  Several times over.  Beau needed rocked for his naps; something I haven't done since he was a newborn.  I studied his soft cheeks and long lashes. Totally content in my arms; content to be held by me.  I know that won't always be the case. He won't always need me to calm him down and make his world right to go to sleep.

6 months 

The other night, Andrew and I were tucking Hudson into bed.  I love Hudson to pieces but he also tries my patience (as all kids do to their parents at one time or another). His strong personality combating against my own makes for interesting days.  As we were reading to him he picked up my hand, kissed it, and wrapped it over him.  Then smiled at me.  Next year, he will go to preschool.  Only a few hours, only a couple of days a week.  But this is my last season of having him all to myself; all day, every day.

10 months

18 months


One day we will be able to sleep in.  Andrew and I will be spontaneous and eat dinner whenever instead of like early birds.  One day our kids will choose to go with their friends instead of stay home with us.  One day they will have their own families and my house will always be clean and laundry done.  Those days with Andrew will be wonderful.  But I'm sure not wishing away my time now. I'm embracing the phases as they come, all the kisses and sweet moments I can get.

Xoxo~ Bekah

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