Monday, April 28, 2014

Simple weekends.

This weekend we had nothing on the calendar.  No trip back home, no projects around the house.  We got to spend so much time together just doing simple things.  It was so so nice.

Saturday Beau woke up with a fever.  He went to bed with a slight one on Friday night but it was higher in the morning.  He was extra cuddly so he and I stayed in bed to sleep. Andrew took Hudson fishing after a breakfast of mini chocolate donuts. Hudson LOVES those things.  He was so excited to go fishing too! 

By the time they got back, Beau's fever was down (either by Tylenol or just breaking all together) and that boy loves the outdoors so we headed out.  Andrew needed to mow desperately.  Beau and I did bubbles and chalk and Hudson followed Andrew's mower with his own little mower.  So stinking precious.

It was just one of those days we spend outside truly soaking up the day! We even grilled out and made s'mores.

Today was looking to be another one gorgeous day.  We went to church this morning and when we got home the boys were already wanting to play outside.  Andrew checked the weather and suggested to go fishing again and I suggested lunch by the lake first.  I mean, who doesn't love a picnic? Plus picnics also mean no mess in the kitchen for mom! ;) We packed up a cooler and set out on our way.  Andrew drove us to a secluded area, we spread out our blanket and took it all in. Beau didn't eat but for like two bites.  He was ready to check out the place.  

Andrew was getting the poles are set to go and Hudson and Beau explored.  It really was a gorgeous day.  There was such a nice breeze and the sunshine was warm but not too hot.  Like seriously perfect.  

And then, the sky changed. Dark clouds started to roll in and it began sprinkling.  Andrew checked the weather on his phone again and assured me, "there is nothing on the radar.  It'll blow over." So I put all the food items and blankets in the car (just in case).  After a few minutes the sprinkles stopped but the sky got darker.  We walked over to a lower spot so the boys could fish easier.  By this time the wind had totally picked up and Hudson's eyes were more on the sky than the water.  The poor guy absolutely hates storms.  Thunder kind of scares him but he does pretty well as long as mom or dad is close by.  

And for about five minutes, it was picture perfect.  All my guys, outdoors, together; Andrew teaching them about fishing.  Then lightning flashed across the sky and thunder boomed and this mama called the whole thing off.  Beau was in my arms and Hudson on my heels so I scooped him up too and we ran to the car.  Andrew said he wishes he had caught that on camera.  

The boys were laughing so hard as it poured on us as I got them buckled in and Andrew hurried to get the fishing gear in the van.  

The beautiful view through our sunroof ;)

We were all wet.  We had barely cast a line. But our boys were laughing.  We were together.  We had made a memory together with our kids.  So maybe Andrew can't read a weather report and spontaneity isn't our forte, but it didn't matter.  We can look back on today and laugh.  

Our boys went down for nap and when they awoke, although the skies were still grey it wasn't raining. So we played outside until dinner and the next set of storms rolled through.  

These days, weekends like this, won't last.  Soon they will be filled with ball games, school days, homework, busy schedules.  I want to soak in all these simple weekends I can with our boys.  It isn't about perfectly planned days or days filled with high priced activities.  It is about their laughs and smiles; the feeling of being loved undoubtedly.  I hope we always give our boys that.  


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