Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mom's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!

I am unwinding from my day with family.  It was such a sweet, simple day.  But first, let me back up to last night when I celebrated with MY mama!!  For that time was sweet too and also offered me a reminder that I so desperately needed.

As a grown up daughter, I don't always know what to get my mom on holidays or for special occasions.  One thing I have realized is I miss spending time together.  We still get together now but growing up we would go do things together just the two of us. As our lives have evolved and I have become a busy mom myself, it is harder to sometimes find time to do things together that are just our own without the littles.

I had been hearing about the movie Mom's Night Out and I knew that a night at the movies would be a fun treat for us both.  And a treat it was.  If you are a mom, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! If your children are grown, you will recall the days of having little ones.  And if you have little ones, you will relate to the chaos of life the main character experiences in the day to day.

There were so many parts of that movie that resonated deep within me.  My mom and I both had tears at times.

I blog to document our family, our lives, and so my children will look back and have these detailed memories and photos all in one place.  But I also blog to connect to other mommies.  To read about their lives, their joys and their struggles.  But one thing I rarely BLOG about is my struggles as a mom. One of the scenes of the movie showed the mom talking with her husband about how she dreamed of a life as a wife and mother and how having that dream now she felt unhappy.  And y'all-- I have felt that way.

I grew up with that exact dream in mind.  Knowing that desire was placed in my heart by the God who created me.  It was the one desire I was most certain of and that never waivered.  But motherhood is hard.  And messy.  And it can be lonely.

That movie reminded me to that God created me and blessed me with these boys as my own because He choose me to be their mama.  Knowing all my shortcomings; knowing all the ways I would fail (daily); knowing exactly who I was, He choose ME!  That is quite a statement.  He deemed me enough, not in my own strength, but in HIS.

With that thought on my mind and expanding in my heart, I woke up this morning even more grateful to hold the title mom.  I came down the stairs (we are at my parents') and was greeted from Hudson with a smile and a "Happy birthday, Mama!" and a big cheesy grin from Beau.

My boys know me so well, running to give me a new workout bag filled with bright workout gear.
They greeted me after church with handmade finger-print flowers on paper printed with a poem.  Neither wanted to sit with Dad so the three of us were squeezed into one side of the booth at lunch (which Beau screamed through).  We played at the park and took their Gammy to get frozen yogurt. And throughout the day, I was reminded that though this day is a bit of a Hallmark holiday, these boys were the best gift I have received.

I hope you other mothers were blessed on your special day.  But more that that, I hope that you are filled with the knowledge and peace that you are enough.  That God is equipping you every day for all the challenges of motherhood that you are going to face.  Every stage, every phase, every mess, every tantrum.

I also can't end this post without acknowledging all the women out there whose arms are aching to hold their own baby.  Although I don't know the heartache of having to wait, I do know the pain of loss.  I can imagine that this day is hard and painful.  Feel my heartfelt prayers for you.

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