Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday: Random

It's another Friday, so I am linking up with everyone! Lots of randomness going on over here with this post today, so let's just get started shall we? ;)

Tomorrow we are heading north to celebrate my nephews' birthdays.  Sweet Emmett James turned one yesterday and Graham will turn three on Sunday! I am so thankful to have cousins for our boys, thankful for the way my brother and sister-in-law are raising their boys to love Jesus.  My boys are all ready for some Monsters Inc (the theme of the party) fun and cupcakes! 

So I broke down and ordered a tankini.  I seriously am not a believer in living in a one piece or tankini after you have kids.  I totally think you can get your pre-baby body back (I've done and seen others do it too many times to count--many looking even better!) and rock a bikini.  I am also ALL for rocking a bikini while pregnant.  But, we are taking a couple of long weekends with extended family this summer and me strutting in my bikini 8 months pregnant in front of my father in law just doesn't sound like that much fun.  I ordered this looks a little orange but all the reviews said coral.  We'll see. 

Three of my closest girlfriends and I are planning a girls overnight! I met them all  my very first year teaching (taught first with one for four years).  They were all pregnant my first year and I got pregnant with Hudson the next.  Needless to say these past years, we've added babies, done a lot of life and have grown super close, as have our kiddos.  Between the four of us there soon to be 11 littles! So we are planning a trip away, sans kids and husbands! We are looking at a spa that isn't too far but far enough! I am so stinking excited!!

Anyone else do an annual girls trip?

Does anyone else become obsessed with eating outdoors when the weather warms up? I just love it. I swear we eat lunch and snack outside almost every day and lots of dinners too.  I am NOT one to take the food outside; no, no.  Keep the food nice and safe inside away from bugs.  Then move yourself and plate outdoors. Right? That is just how to do it! Plus I love how easy clean up is when my boys are eating outside for the crumbs to fall everywhere but our kitchen floor! :)

My biggest pregnancy craving, shaved ice.  Back home there were a few places to go get shaved ice and oh my, I just love the stuff.  Sadly, no shaved ice in our new town! It is definitely on my list to get some the next time we visit home. Plus I just know the boys would love some too! 

Have a wonderful weekend!! 


  1. I was able to get my baby body back, but the stretch marks are no bueno. I despise them! But I still wear a bikini most of the time. :)
    Girls weekends are so much fun! It has been forever since I've done one. Much needed for me right now.
    Have fun visiting your family this weekend!

  2. I want a Monsters Inc cupcake haha! I don't do an annual girls trip but would love one :) I love eating outdoors too, patio dining is the best!

  3. Mmm we had the best shaved ice while in Hawaii last summer on our honeymoon and I still can't stop thinking about it! It was SO good! Love eating outdoors but it doesn't really work for us in the city unfortunately. Hopefully we'll have our own home soon :)


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