Monday, May 19, 2014

I need thee...

Happy Monday!  This weekend was a whirlwind as all our weekends seem to be of late. On Friday we headed back home to Decatur since Saturday would be so busy.  My brother-in-law was graduating from the electrical program he had been going through and there were events all day on Saturday surrounding that.  By Saturday night I was zonked!!

Since the events didn't end until late in the evening, we stayed Saturday night as well which meant that we could be go to our home church Sunday morning for service. Andrew and I have attended this church together for almost 10 years but I had been attending with my family for closer to 15.  It definitely feels good to visit and worship there.

This particular Sunday we had a guest come and sing with our worship team.  Y'all she was amazing.  The worship team, band and choir at our church are outstanding.  I love to feel the presence of God fill the room as we praise Him but yesterday I felt that even more.  It is so humbling.

During communion, our guest and two others sang a popular song by Selah, "I Need Thee Every Hour (Part the Waters Lord).

As I listened, focusing my attention on Christ, the words of this song became so very powerful to me.

It is so easy for me to call on Christ as I need Him.  As I see fit.  When my days seem chaotic; when the boys are being challenging; when my friends or family have requests; when my world seems to have problems too big.  But every hour? Do I live my life as though I need Him every hour?

Honestly, I don't.  But I do need Him.  Even without my acknowledgment, I need Him; desperately.  Isn't it easy to put God in a box and only call on Him when we see fit?  I am so guilty of this.

During the song, I could feel God challenging me to make Him part of EVERY part of my day.   "In joy or pain."  So that is my new focus.  I'm praying as I do that I can see some changes in myself, my relationship with Him and just my overall being throughout the day.

If you aren't seeking Him throughout your day, I challenge you to make Him a bigger part.  He deserves all of us.

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