Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm still alive

Hello blog world!

First--hats off to you mamas (especially those who have just had babies) who blog regularly and are witty and just seem to have it all together! I keep wanting to sit down and blog about our life but oh my goodness life is H-E-C-T-I-C! I seriously get interrupted from said blogging about a billion times.  Which I hate because {one} the reason behind this blog is to document our lives and I want to remember all this time because I am sure I won't with as little sleep as I have been going off of!

So here is me committing to {trying} getting my act together and blogging more! I try to keep up on all the blogs I love to read but even that is falling to the wayside! {WAHHH!!!}

So let's just keep it short and sweet today.  Here are some pics that I have neglected to post the past few weeks.
Just adoring their brother

Recovering together..that is what motherhood looks like. 
Exhausted :)

So sweet! 

Gas smiles I'm sure



  1. Awww! Your boys are just adorable :) Congrats, my friend!!! Don't worry about blogging...totally understandable! That's how I feel and I didn't just have a baby!! :-p

  2. So sweet Bekah! I love that first one of the boys just staring at their baby brother. Congratulations my dear!


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