Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Date Night

Last Friday I got to spend some quality time with Hudson. He had his first soccer game of this next indoor season. I have loved watching him learn more about this sport and really see him gain confidence in the new skills he's learning.

I had told Hudson that we could do something just him and I after the game since Andrew wasn't feeling great and decided to just stay home with the younger boys.

It isn't very often that I get to spend time one on one with my boys. Not as much as I'd like. Between having three boys, a husband who travels, and just our day to day schedule, Andrew and I try to split our time with our family, honoring our marriage, and giving each other time to be who we are. Needless to say, it can be a lot to juggle. I know other parents have to feel me on this, right??

The gym is across town. I turned the radio down and tuned in to Hudson. He is a talker. He hates when he gets interrupted by his little brothers. He has a big personality. I never want to forget the way he thinks; the ideas he has; how smart he is.

Hud: Hey mom..
Me: Yeah, babe.
Hud: You know there's a window in the basement.
Me: Yeah.
Hud: So like we are under the ground.
Me: Yeah Hudson, the basement is under the ground. The window shows right above the ground.
Hud; Like we are underground but the ninja turtles are deeper underground.  Their lair is deeper.
Me: Lair??
Hud: Yeah, mom, like their hide out.

Hud: I am getting pretty good at soccer, I think.
Me: I think so too, bud.
Hud: But like, mom, if I am playing I can't like take a toy away from Cruze because we can't take toys we have to wait our turn. But when I play soccer I can just take the ball because that's the game.
Me: Well, right. But you can't take the  ball away from people on your team.
Hud: Oh no, mom.

Hudson plays 3 on 3 soccer. There are supposed to be five players to each team so they learn to sub in and out. However, this week, there were only three boys that showed up, including Hudson. Those sweet boys played two 12 minute halves, had a quick break between games, and then did it again.  They were definitely all dragging by the end. Hudson would turn around and look at my mom, Andrew's mom and I like, "I am dying out here. Are we almost done?" But he kept chugging along.

He scored two or three goals over the course of the night. And his face lit up every time. I thought he would be pretty exhausted after his games, but the first thing he said when he came up to us was, "can we go on our date now??" Bless. His. Heart.

He said he was starving. He had only eaten a light dinner because, non stop running. So he asked to go to Culver's (huge shock! <---saracasm. My kids LOVE Culver's). We got into the car, got buckled and before we were off, he was chatting away again.

Hud: Mom, my legs are like so tired. Like my feet are tired. They hurt. I think we ran forever. We were better than the green team I think but the white team might have been better than us, I think.
Me: Well..
Hud: But we played good because we played the whole time.
Me: You did play awesome, babe.
Hud: I just want to be on TV.
Me: TV?
Hud: Like yeah, just on TV.
Me: Like on a show or a movie?
Hud: Mom, like for soccer. Because I'm so good. I can play on TV. And people could watch me. When they go to Mexican.
Me: Literally laughing out loud so hard!!!!!

This sweet boy polished off an entire cheeseburger (with ketchup and pickle, of course) and then we took some sweet treats home to share with Daddy and Beau.

When we were tucking the boys into bed that night, Beau prayed. Then Hudson prayed.

"Dear God, thank you for my date with mommy and our good day and bless we'll have a good day tomorrow."  Hudson- age 4.5

Hudson, you bless my heart so much. I am so thankful that God let me be your mommy. I pray each day you continue to find a deeper faith and closer walk with Jesus. That you listen to your heart and go after all your dreams. That you work hard and are kind to others. I am so blessed to be your mommy and share in special moments with you! <3

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