Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Love

I love the weekends. Which is funny because now that I work from home, sometimes I don't even know what day it is because I don't work Monday through Friday, but nevertheless, weekends always seem to be filled with lots of extra fun.

Friday night we were all excited for Andrew to get home. He left Thursday morning and had an overnight for work. After having two weeks with him home for the holidays, the transition back to work has been hard on the boys (and ME!) so we were excited to have him home!

I deemed that evening pizza night and whipped up a homemade pizza. Andrew and I are really working hard towards our health and fitness goals so I made most of the pizza with turkey pepperoni and light cheese. On my little area, I also did light cheese but piled up chopped onions, green peppers, broccoli bits and carrot shreds. Andrew and I paired our slice with nice mixed green salad and totally felt satisfied.

The boys had a great week (and we had coupons) so I suggested to Andrew that we make a little trip to Culver's.  I spelled out Culver's just in case Andrew wanted to veto the idea.  Hudson has been on this kick lately of wanting to know everything going on. In true fashion, he didn't let the spelling slide. I told him if he could figure it out, he would know. I respelled the word slowly and by the "v" he guessed Culver's and tagged on ICE CREAM!!!!

Now I'm not sure if that means he is really getting his letter sounds down and putting it all together or if we frequent that joint too much! ;)

After dinner the boys got a bath while I cleaned up and then we trekked out to get some ice cream to go.  Andrew and I did really good here again and got nothing. If you know me, you know there is a deep love in my heart for ice cream so this was a big #NSV.

We wrapped our night with a few rounds of bumper motorcycles (remote control motorcycles the boys got for Christmas) and a chapter of Farmer Boy. Family nights are so much fun!

Saturday was deemed "Guys' Day" since I had my quarterly coach event, Super Saturday. I met up with a couple of local coaches from our team and we drove over. It was one of my favorite live events. I got so many great ideas to better help the clients I work with, ideas to help my team thrive and help more people and a KILLER workout! We were dripping sweat after the thirty minutes were up.

When I got home, Andrew and I pushed play on day 13 of Hammer and Chisel while the boys were napping. It was a doozey!

With all the family time we had been blessed to have lately, I felt like Andrew and I needed some 1:1 time.  It had been almost a month since our last date night.  Fortunately one of our go-to sitters was available!

Andrew and I got to head out to a late (for us) dinner at one of our favorite local places.

Sunday flew by! Church, naps and workout, housework and playing with boys. We did get to cap it off and meet some friends for a quick dinner at a near by Mexican restaurant.

Overall, a pretty low key weekend. Looking forward to this week and all that is in store! New indoor soccer season kicking off, three day weekend for Hudson, babysitting our sweet nephew, and finalizing Hudson's birthday weekend.

Favor: We are planning a fun, family weekend in Chicago for Hudson's birthday coming up. Any must-do suggestions or must-try places to eat?? Remember, family of 5; three kiddos (almost) 5 and under! Thanks in advance!!

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