Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Recap: Baby it's cold outside!!

BRRRR!!! It is ridiculously cold here. Last week's teaser day of mid-50 degree weather definitely made me ready for springtime temperatures. And the weekend's arctic like weather further drives that point home!

We had such a great weekend though! I started looking forward to our weekend Thursday night. Whenever Andrew has a heavy travel week I start longing for our weekend days that much sooner.

{F R I D A Y}
It was rainy and cold on Friday so the boys and I spent the day playing indoors. The usual superhero, puzzles, Star Wars, Lego line up. Andrew got home that afternoon and was completely drained from his work week.  On top of that, he sounded terrible! Like hacking cough, blowing the nose, scratchy throat terrible. No one has time for that on the weekend so I made the decision to divide and conquer.  Hudson's first night of the new soccer season was that night and instead of dragging everyone out into the wet and cold, I asked Andrew to stay home with Beau and Gabe and relax.

Hudson is playing 3X3 for the next several weeks. He has two games every Friday night. He is on the same team as one of his buddies which is always fun.  Hudson first started playing 3X3 last fall and has since done a couple of skill sessions. It was fun to see how much he has grown since that first game.

I told Hudson he and I could have a little date after his game since it was just he and I. I love family time but there is something so special about that 1:1 time with your kids. I'll share more about that time later on.

Sweet boy

After getting the boys to bed (Beau was waiting up for us with Andrew), and hearing Andrew cough for the thousandth time, I made him put on some oils and we put the diffuser on. Then we pretended we were SUPER OLD and turned on the documentary Food, Inc.  No wait, we are old. 

{S A T U R D A Y}
I love when we don't have too much on the agenda and this Saturday we actually didn't have a thing! I made the boys breakfast--cinnamon rolls. And then whipped up some superfoods for Andrew and I. Andrew didn't sound great but said he was feeling a little better. So more oils and diffusing (I used Frankincense on his throat- neat; RC and peppermint layered on his chest and spine; and thieves on his feet. I diffused purification.) 

We have had some entry way decor since Christmas that needed hung but the mirror we ordered was damaged and had to be returned.  Andrew got that taken care of this past week so we finally had everything to hang.  I still need to add the cotton stems to the metal hanging bucket and also a few trinkets on our shelf but LOVE how it turned out. We don't have a large entry space so had to think of something beside a table. Eventually we will shiplap our entry and convert our coat closet into an open sitting area to hang coats and take off/put on shoes. 

I got my workout in while the boys played around me. It wrapped up my third week on my program and I am ecstatic with the gains I am making strength wise.  My challenge group checked in and are down some serious inches and pounds after just two weeks! So proud of them!

Winter can get a little boring when the weather is so cold. I didn't want to spend another Saturday night in so earlier this week I invited some friends to check out a new bowling and pizza place a couple towns over.  Hudson had been bowling before but Beau had not.  We had a kid's lane and adult lane. The service was super fast and accommodating; HUGE plus when you have 6 adults and 5 small kiddos. My kids loved that they could eat, get up and play a little, come back for some more.  They NEVER get to do that at home (obviously) so loved that! 

{S U N D A Y}
We woke up Sunday to negative temperatures and made the decision not to get out in the weather for church. Instead, I made a big breakfast and we all sat around not in a rush. I love Sunday mornings with our church family but this was definitely the next best place to be. 

It was a lazy day of play and naps and snuggles. The boys stayed in their PJs all day. I only got out of my PJs to work out and then got right back into some comfy sweatpants! Ha! I did get my food all prepped for the week and some laundry caught up on so I count that a success too. 

We ended our weekend with a family game night and finally finishing Farmer Boy. My boys loved reading about Almanzo.  I think they are a little sad the next book isn't about him too! 

Hopefully you all had a great weekend too!! 

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