Sunday, July 21, 2013

8 Months (and a couple of weeks ;) )

I can not believe my sweet Beau Bear is already eight months old. I feel like this whole time with him has gone so fast.  That being said, I can't think back to how it was before Beau was a part of our brood.  It seems like we have been a family of four always.

I want to remember always all the things our family does, the wonderfully funny tidbits my kids say and the crazy things they do.  I hope that one day when your grown, Beau, you and your siblings will look back on this *scrapbook* fondly. And to our family and friends, I hope you enjoy sharing in it now!!

Sleep:  You, sweet boy, are STILL not sleeping through the night.  You go down for the night about 6:45 or 7.  You must have your deer lovie, taggie, and waffle-knit blankie for bedtime and naps.  You usually wake about 12 and 4 to eat again. I think it is purely for comfort and extra snuggles, not out of necessity.  I know I should work harder to sleep train you but I simply can not. You are still a baby to me. You nap once in the morning and once in the afternoon; usually about an hour and half to two hours.  (Although sometimes you bless me with long naps and I can get a little rest too!)

Food: I still am nursing you although you are so interested and curious that it can be a challenge.  You LOVE mealtimes and eat three meals a day.  You are not a picky eater at all and for that I am grateful. You love fruit and veggie mixes but aren't really a fan of eating your green vegetables as a stand alone. You have also been working on your hand-eye coordination eating puffs and rice wafers.  It is so fun to watch you put them into your mouth with about a 50/50 success rate.

Social:  Ever since you were born we have been on the move.  With an older brother you were certainly have been toted to many play dates and outings. You enjoy being outside in your exersaucer and stroller.  You love to be on the ground in the grass. You LOVE LOVE LOVE the water! We went to the pool with friends and I have never seen such a happy baby in the water.

Milestones: You say ma-ma and da-da just not really at us with recognition yet.  You started pulling yourself up and standing which is so wonderful to watch your face light up as you do it! You try to move and take steps on your own but no luck.  I think you will be an early walker for sure.

You sure do bless our lives, Beau! We love you so much!

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