Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beating the heat

I love summertime.  I love being off school.  I love days at the pool.  I love the flexibility of no set schedule.  I even love the heat.  But lately, the heat has been mingling a little to closely with HUMIDITY.  And if there is one thing I don't love, it's humidity.  Mainly because the minute I walk outside I feel as though I look like this.

So not wanting to spend our days cooped up inside, after running a few errands, the boys and I headed to the Children's Museum.  We got a membership for Christmas (a little suggestion from some friends as a great item to add to our list) and we are definitely getting Grandma's money's worth.

Beau loves to watch in take in the other kids and what big brother, Hudson, is doing.  And Hudson just loves to do it all.  I adore watching him discover and play.  He is so funny and the things that he does and acts out truly shows just how  much he picks up on others around him.  
He loves the squirrels. 

Calorie counting?

Love that he is shopping for vegetables.  He does this thing right now  when any one asks if he likes vegetables, he replies, "I don't like vegetables. I like cake!" Boy after my own heart. 

Please notice all the laundry items.  I am training him young.  He will make a wonderful husband one day. ;)

We had such a great time! And, our outing, mixed with the heat zapping our energy, made for some great afternoon naps! PTL! 

Sweet summer, please slow down!

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