Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sweet memory

Today the boys and I were out running errands.  The weather has been terrible so we were at the children's museum this morning but while out I forgot to get a change of address form at the post office.  So- post nap- we ventured out again.  I'm not sure if it was the sucker from the lady at the post office, but Hudson was quite chatty as we drove back across town.  He is so funny; very curious, a questioner, observant, and usually has a comment or question about everything.

So as we were driving he was pointing out everything he saw out his window.  I much as I hate to say it, I am not always tuned in during our car rides.  Hudson's voice is so small that I don't always hear what he is saying and because everything he says is important (which it is) if I don't hear him correctly he gets a little upset, repeating it until I do.  You can see how this can be a *tad* distracting.  

But today was different. I was tuned in to his cheerful commentary of our drive.  To the birds he was pointing out. To the "BIG FISH!" he saw as we drove past the old tackle shop, now turned bar (I think?).  

We then past St. Mary's, a hospital in our town, and Hudson commented on their big flag.  I told him I saw it and then reminded him that that was where baby Beau was born.  I asked if he remember when he met Beau with Mommy at the hospital. 

"Oh yeah, I went there," he replied.

A few moments passed and then I heard him again from the backseat, "Mickey was born at the hospital."

"Mickey was born at that hospital?" I replied, a mix of confusion at his statement and humored that Mickey could come into a conversation about things being born because I was quite sure Hudson didn't really understand the birth concept.

"No, no, no." (His standard reply when I speak on a topic incorrectly.) "My Mickey was born at that hospital."

It dawned on me.  Andrew and I had bought a present to give Hudson at the hospital when he came to meet Beau.  He chose a Mickey that said several catch phrases from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Hudson remembered. I love that my sweet boy remembers that day, even if it is just the Mickey.  That day was one of my favorite memories, and today, I got to relive it again. 

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