Sunday, March 16, 2014

Being Busy

Our little brood has been quite busy the past few weeks.  And there isn't much sign of a slow down anytime soon.  But that is A-OK with me as long as warm weather continues to come our way.

Last weekend we headed home.  We still have most of our "professionals" in Decatur so Friday we headed back for Beau's 15 month well check and scheduled Lexi's vet check-up for Saturday. Oh and of course--mama made an appointment for a cut and color.  (Are those not the most magical hours of peace and relief?!)

Friday night I had some QT with some of the most wonderful women around.  These three have been through every twist and turn in life.  I am so grateful for these ladies and our friendship.  It was a FUN night but I am keeping those details close to my heart.  I am sure they will appreciate that! Love you, girls!

Saturday I rushed out to my hair appointment bright and early. Then we spent Saturday morning with our sweet nieces and my in-laws.  I love that Hudson and Beau have cousins so close in age.  They play so well together and it always cracks me up what they get in to.

That afternoon, Beau went down for a nap and Andrew and I took Hudson to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  He liked it. We liked it.  I think it was a bit over his head at times but he sat so still during the entire movie.  It could have partly been due to the fact that he was tuckered out from a play-filled morning.

Saturday night we went to visit our friends Luke and Tessa. Luke went to high school with Andrew and I and stood up with Andrew on our special day.  We simply adore him and his wife.  And they love our kiddos which always melts my heart.  By the night's end both of our boys were snuggled on Luke and Tessa's laps.  I think they would have totally stayed with them too!

Sunday we got to worship with our church family of Decatur and have lunch with my mom before heading back to Pittsfield.  The one good thing about the drive was the long nap the boys and I got to take on the way home.  That weekend exhausts me just thinking about it.

The week didn't slow down either.  With nicer weather we spent big chunks of our days outside playing.  When we were inside, this pregnant mama, who honestly thinks that the nesting feeling kicks in WAY too early for her, was itching to organize and clean.  Maybe part nesting, part the spring feel in the air.  So it was deep cleaning, sheet changing, laundry, the switching out spring clothes and washing those, as well as packing away the too small winter ones.

I also packed away some clothes and items for a rummage sale. I am just itching to find out the gender but irregardless the seasons will just be off.  So there are some clothes we will be getting rid of.  It is crazy to think how much Beau has grown since last summer but summer clothes in January will never work!

This week looks to busy too. Next weekend we are having a big birthday celebration in Chicago for all the March birthdays in our family.  I am so looking forward to that and all the fun we have planned for the boys.


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