Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some randomness

It has been busy around here the past few weeks I feel but as I look back there hasn't really been a real reason for that.  Our calendar hasn't been jammed packed but nonetheless, I think that is just the reality of having littles that demand so much of your time and attention.

Last week, I took the boys to my doctor's appointment.  It was just a routine checkup.  Hudson was really excited to hear the heartbeat of the baby.  Beau wasn't sure about the whole process so he was up on the table with me.  As I laid down for the doctor to listen, Hudson kept asking if I was alright.  It was so, so sweet.  

I also think it is completely endearing that he adamantly refers to this baby as a her.  I think it is partly because he wants a sister and partly because he has this notion in his head that if we have another baby boy we have to get rid of Beau. His innocence in this whole thing totally blesses my heart.

It is amazing to me in the past month how much more the boys interact with each other.  They are playing better together (not for long periods of time, heavens no) but I can really see how  much Beau wants to be a part of what Hudson is doing.  Hudson really likes having a playmate and although Mommy or Daddy is his first choice, I think he enjoys Beau's company.  Sometimes I try to sit back and listen to their imaginative and pretend play going on.  That is, before I have to step in and settle some dispute! :) Oh, toddlerhood!

The other night Andrew and I were discussing parenthood.  Things that we felt we were doing well (minimal) and things that needed improvement (hence the purpose of the conversation).  This parenting job is such a big one.  I am reminded daily, many times throughout the day in fact, of the task at hand and wonder if I am doing it right, doing it well, doing it in a manner that God is pleased with.  

That conversation laced with many things but the common thread was our deep love for those boys.  It is amazing to me how much I want to succeed at this parenting thing.  We want so badly for our boys to experience the life God has for them, to shield them from the pains of the world, to protect them from so much out there that could cause them to stumble.  Well that prompted us to look at photos of our babies.  

So here are a few.  So blessed to be a mama to these two guys.


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