Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Away

Last weekend our family packed up on Friday morning to trek north for a family weekend.  My brother, Jay and his wife, Tori, life in the suburbs and we had yet to make a visit.  My mom had wanted to get everyone together for a birthday celebration and what better way then a little mini-trip.
**You may think us making a 5 hour drive for a birthday celebration is excessive but we were celebrating 5 (YES, FIVE) birthdays!! All in March; 4 right in a row.

Andrew took the day off and packed up to leave mid-morning.  We were actually ahead of schedule until about 15 minutes into our trek I asked Andrew if he had Beau's deer when he put him in the car. Andrew did not.  So we did what any sane parents would do? We turned around right quick to get that thing! Beau and his deer are inseparable.  Who really wants to possibly wreck a weekend because you forget the lovie??! Not I!!

Ode to the deer:

So once that crisis was averted, we were back on the road.  We made one pit stop for lunch and one pit stop about 5 minutes from our destination for a quick potty emergency.  Hud slept wonderfully.  Beau  must have known it was a party weekend because that stinker napped for a brief 40 minutes on our 5 our trek.  All things considered, drive up was really a success.  

We went to the hotel to meet my older brother, Zach, and his family, along with my mom.  My dad was unfortunately out of town.  I know feel like we should have made a Flat Stanley version of him to at least pose in pictures.  

Jay and Tori both had to work Friday (grown-ups) so we had a swim break at the hotel.  The dads took the bullet and braved the uber-strong chlorine pool with the three big boys.  Emmett hung with the ladies.  All the boys LOVED it.  Not one was afraid.  Graham and Hudson played on the steps leading into the pool since that is where they could touch.  Hudson would frequently go too far and complete go under and "swim" I guess. Which of course would send me, my mom, and Rachel into a panic but the dads always got him and he was always smiling when he came up.  *Sheesh*

After swimming, we headed to Jay and Tori's apartment.  It has a spare room and an extra bathroom so we bunking with them.  We got the littles showered as we waited for pizza to arrive and had a mini picnic on the living room floor.  Uncle Jay joined us later.  He has a little commute.  Then we settled in for Frozen and birthday cake.  The boys did really well given the long day and slept like champs.

Glad we didn't leave that deer at home ;)

The next morning we ate in at the apartment before heading out.  Zach, Rachel and the boys headed out before us to pick up a few things for Emmett and we had time to kill before heading to Lego Land so of course, to Cabela's we went.

Next we were off to Lego Land.  It was neat to see but just a tad bit over our boys heads. They do large blocks but not so much legos and it was PACKED!! We stayed for about an hour maybe and then decided to grab lunch and try Shedds downtown.

We got to Shedds and the line was a bit obscene.  It was around 1:00 and they said it was an hour wait just to get to the door to get tickets.  So we went ahead and walked our little booties right over to the field museum.  To be honest, I love the aquarium but I also love a good museum.  And I hadn't been to the field museum in forever. I also know Hudson's personality so knew he would love it too.  Bonus--it was so late in the day that we got in for FREE!! Free is my favorite price. ;)

The boys were in awe of the giant elephants and Sue on the main level.  And of course, all the animals we saw were a HUGE hit.  Hudson would clap as we left different exhibits he was so pleased.  And Beau was just happy to look at everything.  

After a few hours here, we were headed to dinner. Unfortunately Emmett had developed a cough that had gotten worse.  With being downtown on a Saturday, their family decided to opt out of driving back to the suburbs for dinner and just head home. :(

The rest of us headed to Bahama Breeze.  It was so yummy.  I wish I was one of those people that remembered to take a picture of yummy food but I am not that on top of things especially when starving.  I ordered fish tacos.  Lots of burgers , pasta, and fish were consumed.  Delicious!

By the time we got back to the apartment it was baths and time to wind down.  Our boys slept well again, PTL. Especially since we had our long journey home.

It was such a fun weekend.  I love that are boys are getting older and starting to enjoy and really take in the different outings we go on.  It was so much fun!! 

I can't wait for our next outing--and we have several planned this summer!! :)


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