Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tutus or Tackling gear?

That's right! No ties--if it's a boy he better get his tackling gear! One- because we love football in this house. And two--with two older brothers, he's going to need the padding!

I am 17 weeks along so we have three  more weeks (I think) until we get to find out if baby #3 will be a girl or boy.  I have an appointment next week (18 weeks) but they will not do  my ultrasound until 20 weeks.  And yes, I already asked. :)

So to pass the time, I talked Andrew into doing those old gender reveal wives tales you read about.  I thought it would be fun to see if they all pointed to the same gender or if they were scattered.  And to look back and see which ones were accurate.  We didn't do these with the other two so we don't have anything to go off.

Let's get started shall we!

First, we looked up the Chinese Calendar.  You put in your due date and your birthday and they use those dates according to the Chinese Calendar.  My due date is August 27 and my birthday is this month.  So when plugging that in, it revealed: GIRL

You can see our Chinese "due date and age" as the dark pink square.

Next, we took a little quiz that asked questions. This quiz was predominately GIRL although I question some of the accuracy on some of the questions.  I'll explain.

Questions 1,8,9,13,14--all body questions. I know I almost halfway but I don't really have a bump and I would hope my face hasn't drastically changed yet.  I don't remember that happening until the end of my pregnancy. So I took those with a grain of salt.
Question 2- I have only heard the baby's HB twice.  It is always higher towards the beginning of a pregnancy. Both boys were higher until about 20 weeks.  I can't remember if they were as high as #3 or not.
Question 7, 12-- I think that is silly because my husband's ONE brother has two daughters. And of course Andrew hasn't gained weight. He eats what I eat! ;)

The next few tests have a urine component.  Don't be a  baby and get all grossed out.  It's science people!! :)

Drano Test
I saw a couple of different ideas on this test.  It was advised to do after the four month mark.  (We are a few days past so I think it totally counts.) One specified liquid, another crystal form.  I've never seen crystalized Drano so we did the liquid.  One test claimed color change (girl= green; boy= blue).  Another claimed if it became a darker brown, then boy. No color change, then girl.

We decided this test was a wash.  Our test did not result in a blue or green color change.  Nor did it really become darker.  So I guess we  could assume girl based on one idea of the test but it was too inconclusive for these scientists. 

Red Cabbage Test
This test was one Andrew was very skeptical of.  The directions stated to chop of some red cabbage and put it in a pan.  Then you were to pour boiling water over the cabbage so it was covered (submerged) and let it set for 10 minutes.  Drain the liquid from the cabbage into the glass. You had a very blue liquid for the test.

The next step was to combine equal parts urine and cabbage liquid.  If the mixture turned red or pink, then boy; violet in color, then girl.  

Here is our result:
Result= GIRL

Baking Soda Test
In this test you were supposed to put two tablespoons of baking soda in a glass and then add your urine. (How many have stopped reading because of the word urine? Sorry!) If the mixture was flat, then girl. If the mixture fizzled (think soda or carbonation), then boy.

Our result= GIRL

Here is a picture I found of a test where the parents knew what they were having and were just trying to see if these tests worked.  Here is their boy result.  See the difference??

Ring Test
Andrew and I were both skeptics of this test because I mean really, how does this even work? This is the one I was most familiar with because I have heard about this test the most.  You tie a ring on a string and hold it over your stomach (or wrist).  If the ring begins to swing back and forth, boy. If it moves in a circle, girl.

This test BLEW our minds!!! It literally was still over my belly and then started to make a HUGE circular motion.  Like no doubt about it.  We tried it over my wrist, SAME thing.  We even tried it over Andrew's belly and wrist.  Nothing, nada, zilch!

Our result= GIRL

Number Test
The Mayans believed you could determine the baby's sex by looking at the mother's age of conception and the year it was when you conceived. It both were even or both were odd, the result was a girl.  If it was one even/one odd- the result was boy.    I was 26 when we got pregnant with #3 due in 2013 BOY.  Let's see if it worked with Hudson and Beau: 

Hudson- conceived 23 yrs old in 2010 BOY  
Beau- conceived 24 yrs old in 2012 GIRL  

Mayans are 50/50.  #3 will be the tie breaker for this test predictor. 

So, given our data, we have reason to believe that this baby could be a GIRL!! 

We aren't going out and buying any pink yet, because well, let's be honest, at this time God is the only one that really knows.  

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