Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday

I am SOOOO late in getting this post up but I stinking love this link-up and missed last week with our family stuff so...better late than never, right?

Paint is on the nursery walls!! Lots of packages arrived today and I *think* the nursery will be completely put together this weekend. Aside from a lamp.  I can not find a lamp {shade} that I like that fits the room.  

Friends.  Is there anything better for the soul than a night with good friends?? The boys and I headed to Decatur {yes, we were just there like all last week} yesterday to meet our friends at the zoo for a play date and picnic.  Well, bummer summer, my friends had a couple of sick kiddos so the play date didn't work. The boys and I had an awesome time still.

My friends decided we couldn't let  my drive be a complete wash so we planned a little mom's night out {MNO}.  My parents put the boys to bed and they had their hubbies at home so we met at a favorite of ours, the Beach House.  Our poor waiter.  He was constantly refilling waters and diet coke (ahem, I won't mention names) for like three hours past us finishing our meal.  I had so many moments of loud belly laughs.  I am beyond thankful for the blessing of friendship God has given me in these relationships.  It was such a great evening.

T H R E E 
Next week is our fifth wedding anniversary.  I can not believe how fast these last 5 years have gone by.  I am so thankful every day for the marriage I have {albeit far from perfect} and the opportunity to share my life with Andrew.  We haven't really done much for our anniversary the past couple of years but this year Andrew has a special weekend planned.  I can't wait to see what it is and just so soak up time with my husband. 

I don't normally talk about work on here but I find such joy from what I do and got the BEST e-mail today. I started out as a Beachbody coach almost 11 months ago more for my personal accountability and health goals.  I had hopes of helping others but never really knew what would come of it.  Well, today I received an e-mail that said out of the 180,000 coaches I was ranked 201! Shut the front door! I could really care less about any of that but to me it means I am making a difference, helping others find health and confidence again.  I am so humbled every time I receive a message from saying that I helped them feel more confident, helped them be more active with their kids, love their body again.  It was a really cool thing to have pop up in  my inbox unexpectedly.

And I don't think I could forget to mention, Father's Day weekend!!! I stinking love Father's Day.  I know that this day is hard for so many which I why I feel even more thankful to be able to share parenthood with my best friend.  And also so thankful for our own dads who are both such amazing men.  The boys and I shopped today for the dad and papa's in our lives.  I can't wait to spoil Andrew on Sunday!!!

This was my boys post shopping. They needed a little pick me up so I stopped and got them some cookies.  Check out those cheesy grins! 

I hope you all have the best weekend! 

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