Thursday, June 19, 2014

Grow Old with Me

Tomorrow is our actual anniversary and I will be posting about the wedding. Today, I wanted to post about the marriage.

I honestly can't believe it has been five years.  I know to some that is just a speck on the timetable of years of marriage.  But gosh, some days it feels like we were just getting married! Then I look around and seeing our two boys running around, my growing tummy and think of everything that has happened over the last five years and wonder how we have done so much!

I loved Andrew for a very long time.  And I honestly think he had those feelings for me also.  Neither of us admitted that our friendship held a special place in our lives for such a long time.  I am thankful for that in many ways.  It allowed us to develop a bond as friends first.  It gave us time to learn about one another, find ways to spend time with each other without the pressure of titles or other people's opinions. {I mean we did meet in middle school and really became close friends in high school.  We all know how dramatic high school can be!}

A month before our wedding...the  night before graduation.

I remember our wedding day and seeing Andrew for the first time.  I remember walking towards him feeling completely at peace.  I knew that he was exactly who God had crafted to be my forever.  As we stood in front of family and friends, I never imagined loving him more.

But I was so wrong.  I loved Andrew the day we got married.  But the way I love him now has completely changed.  In a way that only time can change your love.  I'm an open book and always honest when our friends get married and talk about being newlyweds.  For Andrew and I, year one was ROUGH! There was so much to learn just from living with one another.  We were young. I was stubborn.  He was silently stubborn.  We clashed.  We fought.  We forgave.  We grew.  There were some times that I was so angry at him.  But as we would cool off I would think, "there is no one else that would love me like he does."

Over the last five years I have loved the man Andrew has become.  I fell in love with a boy.  A boy with lasting looks, an athletic strut, and a personality and way of treating others that I can only  hope to instill in our boys.  I know my love was deep then, but I could not have imagined back then how my love would change; would deepen.

Andrew and I made each other parents.  We have pushed each other in our dreams.  We have made big decisions together, not always agreeing, but always trusting.  We have shared loss and he has wiped away my tears.  We've seen each other at our worst and at our best.

I can only pray that God continues to bless our marriage, our years together.  These past five years have been amazing.  If it is any indicator in what the future holds, I can only wait and look towards our future with anticipation.  I love you, Andrew! Happy {early} Anniversary!


  1. Bekah, I'm tearing up. :) Your story is beautiful! And girl, you are so pretty! Y'all do look so cool that God brought you together so early and has developed your relationship like that?! What a beautiful marriage! Happy early anniversary!

    1. Kelli! Thank you so much! It is really neat to be able to look back at all we've shared and to be able to see some of God's work preparing us for different things.

  2. Oh Bekah, this was so sweet! I was tearing up, too :) You can just tell through your words and pictures how much you really love each other. Hoping you guys have a wonderful and beautiful anniversary tomorrow!


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